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Tesco Website Analysis

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Tesco Website Tesco has expanded rapidly in the past ten years and has become the largest supermarket in the country. The growth has been based on a sound strategy of customer focus, expansion of services and goods, and domestic and international expansion. The purpose of the website is to create value for customers and to earn their lifetime loyalty. Tesco's success depends on the people who shop with them and also the people who work for them. If the customers like the website and find it easy to use they are more likely to come back and shop again. The Tesco website offers so much that it's a bit overwhelming the first time you visit it. Aside from the online supermarket, there's a music download shop, a Holiday & Flights section, and phone and broadband internet services. The Tesco's homepage is pretty good but it does contain quite a few graphics, so it wouldn't be suitable for 56k user's to go on there site due to the amount of time they would have to wait for the whole page to load. ...read more.


Tesco have tried to target the most competitive services so they can offer the cheapest prices and bring more customers to Tesco. Tesco's website was the only site to offer users price comparisons with other stores. Type 'butter' into the Price Checker feature, for example, and the site will return a list of prices for butter stocked in Morrisons, Asda and Sainsbury's with Tesco prices listed alondside. An advantage of the Tesco website is that it is easy to use with clearly named labels to suit your every need. If you can't find what your looking for you can try to search function to see if that can give you some positive results. The site is suitable for novice, intermediate and advanced users. If the novice users get stuck they can use the help function which will guide them through a solution to their problem. To make the customers feel that they have there own little part of the website, Tesco gives each of its customers account which they can use when buying products. ...read more.


To try and keep you coming back to Tesco, Tesco's store information about you and what you have bought from them in a database so they can target you with special offers on the products that you are interested in. This is all done securely with encrypted data so nobody else will be able to read it. This is one method they use, there are other methods like online surveys so they can see what the customers really think of there website. With this feedback they can change the website and make it even better for the customers ease of use. Overall the website has been designed well for ease of use especially for first time shoppers. As they can benefit from the online shopping guides that take you through various processes such as using the shopping basket and navigating the tool bar. Also Tesco's give the best product information, more detailed descriptions than any other online supermarket store. Tesco have intergrated all the necessary features to suit all of the different types of users and by doing this they have brought many customers back to Tesco. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lewis Mckeever 1 ...read more.

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