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The aim of the experiment is to identify the rate of reaction of hydrochloric acid with lime stone (CaCO3) and the effect of changing the concentration of hydrochloric acid on the reaction rate.

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i. Using the Google Search Engine find two internet sites that provide internet resources for the study of Australian Literature. -http://www.middlemiss.org/lit/lit.html -http://home.vicnet.net.au/~ozlit/ ii. Write a detailed summary in no more than 600 words of what kind of information and services the sites provide. Give examples as necessary. The first of the two websites that I looked at was www.middlemiss.org/lit/lit.html, it is constructed by Perry Middlemiss who is a lover of books, and who wishes to pay credit to those 'forgotten' Australian writers on the Web. Middlemiss begins by naming 70 Australian authors, and also provides links to those authors, and those who do not have links to other sites a promise is made that they will be provided in the future. By simply clicking on one of the authors, for example Miles Franklin, you are led to a web page that gives a brief biography of the author, and also a list of her works, some of which also have links that give a brief insight. The site also provides listings of the winners of literary prizes, and in particular The Miles Franklin Award, and The Australian/Vogel Award. Again by clicking on these we are lead to a page that provides the winners of these awards, and also those that were shortlisted. ...read more.


The information on both sites is easily accessible. Ozlit is much more information rich compared to Middlemiss' site, but it is for this reason that the Middlemiss website is slightly easier to browse through. Nevertheless, the Ozlit website is much more information rich, in that it provides the user with much more links outside its own homepage and it has a lot more authors and books than the other website. It also provides a search engine, which makes searching for specific information much easier. It is also better in that it is much more interactive than the Middlemiss site. It allows people to join in discussions and debates about Australian literature via e-mailing. They also provide reviews of Australian books, and even offer a research and educational aid page, dedicated to assisting people in studies of Australian Literature. Ozlit would have to be more user friendly, simply because it offers a lot more information. Its vast amounts of information may sometimes lead u astray, but it every page has direct access back to the main page when you get lost, although this may get tedious at times. Middlemiss' sites 'lack' of information compared to Ozlit makes browsing through the website much more easier. It is a cycle of Information within the one website, so the chances of getting lost are minimal. ...read more.


Wilde, Joy Hooton, Barry Andrews (which is a good general reference work on Australian writers in general). v. Write a 300 word evaluation of the usefulness of the material you have found for this particular author. Some of the relevant resources available on the primary websites are useful. Although some are not, simply because they are unavailable, or have been expired. But those that are available (through the google search) prove useful, for example the interview. If access was available to the necessary locations (i.e. The National Library of Australia) the catalogue search available on Ozlit would also prove useful. Therefore the only really useful resources are available offline and at a library. The links that are available are therefore only helpful because they offer complete references to the offline resources which makes. searching for them easier. For example on the Cecile Fouache website, references such as these: DEVER, Maryanne. "Secret Companions: The Continuity of David Malouf's Fiction." World Literature Written in English, 26.1 (1986): 62-74, are available. Not only are they complete references, there is also a long list available on articles relating to his works. It is also my belief that the books written about David Malouf would prove useful, the links that are available provide the name of the book as well as the author. ...read more.

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