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The aims of our product were to advertise and promote a new up and coming band as they planned to release their first single on a website about the band itself.

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Planning and Evaluative Commentary Planning The aims of our product were to advertise and promote a new up and coming band as they planned to release their first single on a website about the band itself. This website is mainly aimed at teenagers and young adults, as they are the people who I thought would be most impressed by the style of music we were promoting, namely 'Nu-/heavy metal'. Before beginning the construction of the website I searched the internet for similar style websites by bands who perform music within the same genre as 'Vendetta'. These websites provided me with ideas about layout and extra features that websites about bands included: Profiles Guest book History of the band Song titles (with album cover) Pictures The basic idea of the layout and structure of the website came from this research. The three members of my group thought separately about ideas for the appearance of the website. It was a unanimous decision to keep the design simple, but we all still had a desire to make it striking by the style of font and writing, the way we used colour and the links. ...read more.


This saved a lot of space, meaning we were able to include more features such as: the home page the picture page the history page We made use of the internet when completing our research, as we had to study sites. We used a digital camera to take the photographs of the 'band' near a derelict hut. This was much better than using a normal camera, as the photos were able to be transferred straight on to the computer. Once transferred, the pictures were burned onto a CD, which made it easier for them to be transferred to another PC ready for work elsewhere. We used (name of design programme) to construct the website and worked on the whole thing on the computer. The internet was also used to aid the look of the website. The 'flaming' and 'electric' used on the website as titles and links was created on the internet (downloaded on my PC) and then Emailed top the PC that the construction was being carried out on. ...read more.


I also, as did all the members of the group, produced a profile/biography of myself to add a personal touch to the site and the information it provided. Evaluation Although the finished appearance of the website was as we had wished, there were some pages and images which were particularly successful. History page The history of the band is presented to the viewer in individual sections. This makes the overload of information more manageable to read and understand. Using 'page anchors' we were able to separate out the history information, although keep within the specified 4 page limit. Visitors were able to click 'history' from the home page. When they had finished reading one section, they were able to use a 'next' hyperlink to continue their read. Profiles The profile pages were a major part of the website as they are the sections which are specified to individual band members, rather than to the band as a whole. As with the history the information here is separated, making it easier to read. ...read more.

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