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The benefits of a website for GP surgery

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REPORT: THE BENEFITS OF A WEBSITE FOR GP SURGERY TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE Executive summary 3 Introduction 4 Findings 4 Basic contents of the Website 4 Benefits of the Website 5 Disadvantages of the Website 5 Government Regulations 5 Hackers and Security Issues 6 Questionnaire & Analysis 6 Conclusions 7 Bibliography 7 Appendices 8 Executive summary The web-site design industry was asked to research the benefits of putting up a website for a senior GP surgery, which has 15 members. The objective of this report is to advise a GP group on weather it will be beneficial to put up a website. This report will show the results of various research undertaken by a web-site design industry (such as research from the internet, questionnaires etc.). The key finding of this report is that overall it will be beneficial for the GP partners to put up a website. These benefits will be more apparent in the long term. Research shows that putting up a website will attract more patients to the GP surgery & will save time for the surgery on handling patients. Introduction This report will be about advising a GP surgery on weather it would be beneficial to put up a website or not. The web-site design industry which has undertaken the task will try to cover this task by doing various research into the website ...read more.


For Surgery * More advertisement for the surgery therefore higher penetration to the customer base resulting in more customers in the long run * Higher profits in the long run as the short term expenses will be closed after a certain period of time * Staff spend less time taking calls or advising patients therefore they have more time to do other stuff * Staff can update website easily Disadvantages of the Website Patient * There are people who don't know how to access the internet (especially elderly people), & some people can't access the internet at all * No one-to-one advice therefore not all the questions can be answered * Information over the net is insecure - hackers can penetrate into the system & expose, change or damage important information, or use them for bad deeds. Surgery * There is a high start up costs for the surgery to put up the website. * Information over the net is insecure - hackers can penetrate into the system & expose, change or damage important information, or use them for bad deeds.] Government Regulations It is illegal to subscribe DRUGS over the internet; this means that our GP surgery can not subscribe drugs. This will be a disadvantage for the GP surgery as it means fewer medicines will be prescribed over the internet THE DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 "Personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully. ...read more.


The results of the questionnaire have proved very useful. According to the results 93% of the respondents want to see a website of their GP, this shows that people are willing to use the website. About half of the patients use the surgery once a year or less, this implies that the website is not likely to be used very frequently by the same patient. The website should be very clear and understandably & user friendly. Two third of the patients would prefer to book their appointments online. This indicates that the website is likely to decrease phone calls to the surgery. 75% of the patients see the website as being secure & confidential. This is a great majority therefore online subscriptions are likely to be high which will save more money for the surgery. Conclusions In the present conditions that we are facing it seems that putting a website will be more beneficial that a disadvantage. The benefits of putting up a website will increase in the long run as the use of internet will increase & the internet will penetrate into more homes. The benefits of putting up the web-site clearly overweigh the drawbacks. It will cost a large amount of money to put up the website but in the long run, the return back of putting up the website will over exceed start up costs. Therefore it is very advisable for the GP surgery to put up its own website. ...read more.

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