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The Company of Wolves - plot summary of the film.

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´╗┐The Company of Wolves Director: Neil Jordan Production: Company Palace Productions. ITC Entertainment Producers: Chris Brown Stephen. Woolley Original stories: Angela Carter Screenplay: Angela Carter. Neil Jordan Cinematography: Bryan Loftus The Company of Wolves is a 1984 gothic fantasy-horror film directed by Neil Jordan, and starring Sarah Patterson and Angela Lansbury. The film is based on the werewolf story of the same name in Angela Carter's short story collection The Bloody Chamber. Carter co-wrote the screenplay with director Neil Jordan, based on her own short story and her earlier adaptation of "The Company of Wolves" for radio. The film starts of with a young girl named Rosaleen who has locked herself away in her bedroom fallen asleep wearing her sister?s lipstick. Her parents want to see her after coming back from shopping and her older sister attempts to get her out of her room by repetitively calling her a ?pest? and this shows the sibling rivalry between the two. ...read more.


She then tells her a story of how a priest's bastard, born feet first on Christmas day with eyebrows that meet in the middle, is destined to meet the devil in the woods. Accepting his invitation to go for walk where he tries to kiss her. She then kisses him and runs off into the woods, challenging him to catch her for ?another?. After losing him, she discovers a tree where she climbs it to find some rouge and a mirror. On the way back to the village, the boy discovers a wolf has killed a cow. Rosaleen's father is furious she's not with him and exchanges blows with the boy's father, but then Rosaleen reappears. The village men form a hunting party in search for the wolf. As they wait for the men to return, Rosaleen tells her mother a story of how a betrayed, pregnant valley woman (a witch) ...read more.


He pretends she's just outside, but then her broken glasses fall from his lap and she notices Granny's hair burning in the fire. She shoots him injuring his shoulder, and causing him to turn into a wolf. Rosaleen takes pity on the wounded beast, noting that his pack is leaving him behind. She sits down, and begins petting the wolf kindly and tenderly and tells him a story about a wounded female werewolf who in human form seeks help from a priest. He takes pity on her, bandages her wound, and she returns to the world below. When a search party arrives at Granny's house looking for Rosaleen, all they find is a wolf wearing her crucifix. Realising that the wolf must be her daughter, Rosaleen's mother stops them from shooting her. She and the huntsman escape to the forest, joined by a growing pack. Back in the present day, Rosaleen awakes with a scream, wolves apparently breaking through the window of her bedroom. ...read more.

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