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The Corporation is a well directed documentary against the growing influence of corporations and it goes on to show how the companies decisions affect the various facets of the society. It is directed by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott

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The corporation From a students perspective The Corporation is a well directed documentary against the growing influence of corporations and it goes on to show how the companies decisions affect the various facets of the society. It is directed by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott based on the novel "The corporation- the pathological pursuit of profit and power" by Joel Balkan. The movie incorporates the views of various experts including Noam Chomsky, Milton Friedman, Michel Moore, Dr Vandana Shiva spanning wide range of fields. The theme of the story becomes evident when the movie starts with the comparison of corporations with monsters and Frankenstein. It mainly deals with the greed among corporations, which the author calls as a critical flaw in the structure of capitalism, and its adverse effects on various domains. The movie runs for period three hours and it is made into three parts. The first part tells us how the corporations became as powerful as any government on this planet. The movie starts by giving a brief history about the birth of corporations, how they became legal persons and idea of how it functions. It asks an interesting question "If corporations are persons, what kind of persons are they?" It goes on analyzing the various characteristics of corporate and comes up with a declaration that it perfectly fills the definition of psychopath given by the World Health Organization. ...read more.


Director conveys his views by giving live examples that took place. He puts forward views of different people from different organizations and increasing the credibility of the source by giving the facts. He uses video tapes of various events effectively. He made sure he had his audio descriptions and the data associated with the visuals go in the background along with the movie. This increased the effectiveness of conveying his message. Let us analyse how the media was used as an effective weapon by both parties and the effect it had on the minds of general public. With the help of the media corporations do underground marketing by advertising in movies, sponsoring people to wear their logoed garments. They have understood that branding is production not advertising. One of the major expenditures for any company is advertising because they have realised that is the one of the easiest way of reaching people and more importantly efficient way of attracting people. When the media people decided to take the case of Montano and the effect of its drug on cows, the corps realised the extent of the problem. Taking to the media means taking to the people. It realised the same weapon they used to persuade customers is going to be used against them. ...read more.


One of the main issues the movie focuses on is the ethical issue. It starts when the corporations misused the law meant for black people to obtain right to property. The movie is more of a shot gun which talks about the ethical issues in every facet but the impact of sniper or a targeted attack is missing. When the director targets the corporations for not being responsible he makes an assumption that it is entitled to do it since it gets its living from the public. Whenever there is a mistake people tend to focus on it. The case Montano seem to produce so much controversy but the director dint say anything about the good products or the things done by Montano. It could not have become such a big organization without innovations and public oriented research. As the philosopher explains in the movie even when the people are from paradise they need a small motivation for profit to function effectively. But that quest for profit should not be at the expense of others destruction. The concept of externality clearly explains the mentality of the companies in this regard for making profits. The mentality of companies says that it is okay to break the law if it requires less loss than by complying with the law. If we look at the movie the author talks about the list of top 100 criminal companies. ...read more.

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