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The 'Daily Telegraph' was founded by Colonel Arthur Sleigh as a means of airing his views against the Duke of Cambridge who was destined to be the new Commander-in-Chief of the British Army.

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GCSE Newspaper Media Assignment The 'Daily Telegraph' was founded by Colonel Arthur Sleigh as a means of airing his views against the Duke of Cambridge who was destined to be the new Commander-in-Chief of the British Army. He then approached Joseph Moses Levy, the proprietor of the Sunday Times, who agreed to print it. The first edition was published on the 29th of June 1855. To break into the market, Sleigh was forced to sell his paper at a lower price than anyone else. Because of this, the papers slogan was; 'the largest, best, and cheapest newspaper in the world.' Since then it has grown to be one of the largest and best selling broadsheets in Britain. The Telegraph has always been aimed at 'white collar workers'; these are people working at a professional level. I.e. lawyers, accountants and other inner city office workers. It combines both the political and financial news like other broadsheets, with sports and other items of interest making it an informative and interesting newspaper to read. ...read more.


How are the stories prioritised and how do they use pictures and headlines? The prioritisation of stories on the front page are arranged in order to attract the widest audience: A story about equal rights for woman is focused in the centre of the page underneath a large photo. This was placed to attract a female audience. The strapline also contains some headlines to attract them such as 'London Fashion Week', 'Richard Eyre's explosive diaries: The Queen and Mary Archers photographs are located underneath this headline in order to give people a taster of what the story is about. The largest headline is a political story about Labours big expenses. A drop cap then contains information about the public and how there money is being wasted. This is very good for attracting all sorts of audiences as anyone can relate to it. This story leads directly on to another political one. This has not got such a large headline so the editor is relying on people's interest in the above story to lead them straight onto this one. ...read more.


It uses words such as emphatic and dominated, both of which provide a very emotive and moving story. They show that it is a subject worth reading about and that is should not be taken lightly. How does the front page of the Telegraph help it succeed in appealing to its audience? Is there any possible bias? The front page will be successful in appealing to its many audiences as it has a collection of stories that span across a lot of different subjects. It contains sport, politics, entertainment and national news. Because of this vast amount of subject matter, unlike a tabloid paper, it will appeal to many different audiences. There is however, definitely some evidence of bias. In all the stories were there are two sides; they have chosen to be bias towards one instead of staying neutrally inclined. For example, in the Susan Greenfield piece, they make no attempt to say that she may be wrong or may be over reacting to it. They stay firmly with the belief that she is in the right and the 'anonymous male scientists' are wrong in what they are doing to her. By: Ben Ingram 10 R Dr. Pieters ...read more.

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