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The Development and Structure of the Music Industry.

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The Development and Structure of the Music Industry. The music industry as it stands today began with three main expansion periods. The first came just after the Second World War with the introduction of radio amongst the masses. People could now listen to songs on the radio. It also heralded the introduction of copyright and music licensing meaning that music could in fact become a commodity. The second period of expansion came in the 1920's with technological expansion. The American military and NASA were continually bringing in new technology onto the market. With the possibility of recording and marketing the music, the music business began to boom. Soon after the second period of expansion came global recession, the plunge of the stock market and the loss of thousands of jobs. This brought with it a new incentive and by the 1950's (the third period of expansion) ...read more.


hippies, Mods, Rockers. Through these periods of expansion the current music industry exists today. There are three groups that music companies fall into; they are Majors, Minors and Independent or indie companies. The majors are global companies these include, EMI, Warner Music, Universal-Vivendi, MCA, BMG and Sony. Many of the companies own some Minors or Indies but retain the name and image of these companies so that they continue to appeal to the sub-cultures that buy the music produced by the artists covered by that label. The minors include Virgin Records (owned by EMI), Bad Boy records (49% owned by Warner Music). These companies operate on a national scale. But in order for any artists on their label to operate at global level, the company would need the help of a major, thus relinquishing control. Finally there are the independent companies or labels. ...read more.


Another way in which record companies can produce a similar effect is through the symbiosis of the record companies and electronics companies. Through this both sides are mutually beneficial. Although this has not happened yet the major record labels are becoming more and more powerful. The minors and indie's cannot afford to operate on such a large scale, and as a result the general public may never see some of the artists on their labels. The music industry has become formulaic and creativity is stifled. Music is mainly recycled or repackaged for example covers and compilation albums. Music is more about image now than the quality of music, thus the importance of the music video. Arguably the first music video was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen aired on Top of the Pops in 1975. Music videos now are almost a commodity in itself and help to promote a band or artist's image (possibly merchandise) and to elevate its status. ...read more.

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