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The Development of the Music Industry

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Music Part 1 The Development of the Music Industry The Music Industry was founded in the year of 1877, when the first recording of a human voice on the first tinfoil cylinder phonograph, was made by Thomas Edison, on December 6th. After this development, many other major events were founded in the Music Industry. Major events included, another Thomas Edison invention, in the year of 1913. He finally conceded victory to the flat disc. This was a major creation in the industry, reason being, a number of songs were able to be put on the flat disc, making you wonder how this is done on such a flat surface with a thickness of 1/4 inch. A third major event was "The Sugar Hill Gang" releasing the first commercial rap hit "Rapper's Delight" this occurred in 1979, bringing rap off the New York streets and into the popular music scene. Rap originated in the mid 1970's, ever since then, this type of music has become one of the most important commercial and artistic branches. ...read more.


* Sony Music Entertainment * EMI Group * Warner Brothers Music * BMG Entertainment (Bertelsmann Music Group Entertainment) These five record labels are global giants in the music industry; each company includes subsidiary record labels. UMG's subsidiaries include "Island Records", "Def Jam" and "Motown Records". Sony Music Entertainment subsidiaries include "Columbia", "Epic" and "Legacy Recordings". EMI Group subsidiaries include "Virgin Records", "Blue Note Records" and "Angel records". Warner Brothers Music subsidiaries include "Atlantic Records", "Elektra Records" and "Reprise Records". Lastly, BMG Entertainment subsidiaries include "LaFace Records", "J Records" and "Jive Records". BMG Entertainment BMG was first set up in the early 1990s to combine the music label activities of Bertelsmann. It is a 50-50 joint venture between the Sony Corporation of America and Bertelsmann, set in New York. This label is the No.2 record company in the world, behind UMG. BMG Entertainment owns more than 200 record labels in 53 countries. Here are some of the subsidiaries:- Arista Records, Columbia Records, Epic Records, J Records, Jive Records, LaFace Records, Legacy Recordings, Provident Music Group, RCA Records, RCA Victor Group, RLG - Nashville, SONY BMG Masterworks, Sony Music Nashville, Sony Urban Music, Sony Wonder, So So Def Records and Verity Records. ...read more.


Whereas, a record label who only specializes in one music genre is not really likely to have high sales. For example, a record label which only produces gospel music is only attracting a small audience. Therefore this record label is unlikely to have high sales because they only produce one music genre which only appeals to a certain audience. Music Videos A music video is a filmed or videotaped rendition of a recorded song, often portraying musicians performing the song or including visual images interpreting the lyrics. The first ever music video was made in 1958 by J.P. Richardson Jnr. Ever since then music videos have made a big contribution to the music industry in many ways. For example, an American sky/cable channel MTV (music television) was launched back in 1981. This is an end-to-end music video programming without any conventional programs. By then, it began to have a wide popularity and influence in the early 1980s. Now that music videos were created, viewers were able to watch music artists' videos rather than just listen to their songs. This shows that music videos had a big involvement in the music industry. ?? ?? ?? ?? Leah-Kara Johnson Media Studies 10v ...read more.

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