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The differing techniques used by magazines to attract the desired target audience.

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The differing techniques used by magazines to attract the desired target audience. Introduction In my coursework project I aim to look at and investigate the differing techniques used by magazines to persuade and inform. The area of the magazines that I am going to concentrate on will be the front covers. I hope to investigate ways in which magazine front covers appeal to and attract the desired target audience. Age, sex, likes and dislikes are all elements which contribute towards the magazines audience. The magazines which I have chosen to focus on are Company, Now, More and Bliss. All of these magazines are for women but are aimed at different age groups. Company is aimed at readers who are roughly in the age category 18-25. Now is for readers from 17-23 years of age, More's target audience are readers between the age of 18-23 and lastly, Bliss is aimed at readers 13-16. In order to investigate the techniques used, I will look at the lexis, grammar, layout, phonology and discourse features. Layout Magazine front covers are used for presentation and advertisement. ...read more.


Most of the text on the front cover is positioned around the photograph of the woman. Different colours, sizes and fonts separate captions of text. Lexis The lexis used by all magazines is generally colloquial. Words such as 'fab', 'stud', 'dud' are used on the front cover of Company. 'Fab' could also be said to be an abbreviation of fabulous. An abbreviation could have been used on the front cover as it takes up less space but also because it fits in with the context of the cover. Bliss's front cover does not show many signs of colloquialism. The language used on the front covers usually relates to the target audience, as this person may understand this form of slang or colloquial language. The most frequent type of words used are positive connotations. More magazine uses lots of positive connotations such as 'delight', 'treats', 'love', and 'beauty'. They may have chosen to use positive connotations as potential buyers might feel this magazine cheers them up and makes them feel good. Now magazine seems to use more negative connotations rather than positive ones. ...read more.


'Wham bam bag that man' on the front cover of more could be said to be both assonance and a rhyming sentence. Magazines use these kinds of words or sentences, as they give 'zest' to the front cover. Shorter sentences are also easier to read than longer sentences. Conclusion I have found out that magazines mostly use shorter words and sentences on their front covers for two reasons. The first is that the magazine has a lot of information it needs to put on its cover and such a short space to do so. Therefore, words are abbreviated and noun phrases are more commonly used rather than compound and complex sentences. The second reason is that shorter phrases give the magazine front cover more 'punch'. The editors need to make the magazine attract an audience and sharp words or interesting phrases seem to do the job. This was an obvious factor on each of the magazine front covers. I expected to find more examples of sentence structure. I have also noticed that lots of visual images are used on the front covers. This helps to advertise the magazine if a picture of a famous person is on the cover. English Language Lindsay Maughan Centre Number: 39520` Candidate Number: 0264 4 ...read more.

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