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The effect of the Internet on ordinary Media.

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The effect of the Internet on ordinary Media. The web started of as a very fast, chaotic, and confusing networking system that connected the world. After 20 years, to see how it has affected the usual ways of getting information, the study has been set up and was based on more than 3,000 interviews from adults aged 18 or older who had accessed the Internet in the past month. This research was conducted by 65 UK leading markets. More than 60 percent of the respondents to a survey chose the Internet for personal and special interest information needs, compared to 18 percent for magazines. When looking for work-related information, 48 percent of the respondents chose the Internet, and only 7 percent preferred magazines. The study also revealed that once consumers begin using the Web, they use it more frequently as their experience increases, and that these same users also tend to use traditional media sources significantly less. ...read more.


A small percentage of users consume traditional media more often - radio: 11 percent, newspapers: 9 percent, magazines: 8 percent and TV/cable: 7 percent. The majority of online users stated they have not altered their traditional media consumption or they aren't sure how it changed - radio: 81 percent, newspapers: 75 percent, magazines: 72 percent and TV/cable: 70 percent. "While the majority of online users report no change in their traditional media habits, the fact that substantial percentages of people report altered behaviour is evidence to the continuing evolution of consumer habits," said the president of the company on the Internet Research. "In a relatively short period of time, Americans have adopted new ways of getting their news, doing their shopping and seeking entertainment. The appeal of online media will continue to grow as more American adults gain Internet access at home, at work or through portable devices." ...read more.


9 percent of users stated a decline in radio listening after they became online users, while 11 percent indicated an increase in any radio usage. Seventeen percent said they often or sometimes listen to Internet-based radio while they are online. Internet radio listeners are veterans of the Web with nearly 70 percent having been online for three or more years. More than 45 percent of Internet users read an online newspaper every month. 55 percent of online newspaper readers have logged on to a national newspaper Web site. Online readers tend to be younger than traditional daily newspaper readership. Studies found that 48 percent of adults use the Internet at least once a month, with 55 percent being part of the online community for three or more years. 42 percent of online users consume some form of streaming media at least once every 30 days. More than 35 percent listen to streaming audio and more than 25 percent watch streaming video. ...read more.

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