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The events on September 11th have dominated the media. Compare the different ways these events have been presented by television news, British national newspapers and Time magazine.

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The events on September 11th have dominated the media. Compare the different ways these events have been presented by television news, British national newspapers and Time magazine. The worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, two hijacked commercial jetliners crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City around 9 a.m. Tuesday, September 11th. This caused both 110-story towers to topple. The world trade center contained thousands of innocent people who had just arrived for work. This event has dominated the media and I have examined three examples of this. Initially I analysed The Independent of September 13th and will include detailed comments on the use of language, pictures, colour, layout and the viewpoint of the newspaper. Secondly I looked at the Time magazine and will later compare this with the Independent. When describing the Time magazine I will go through the use of photos, layout, headlines, choice of language, viewpoint of the writer and the content of the article. In the next section of my essay, I will compare the BBC news and the Channel 4 news of September 12th. Then finally I will give my own opinions about what I have learnt about media coverage and how this event has been reported. The independent was published for September 13th, two days after the terrorist attack on America. The first thing that struck me was that at the top of every page it said 'TERROR IN AMERICA' this is printed on a black background to symbolize death and mourn. The word 'terror' is a good choice as it is a kind of pun, as the word is linked with terrorism and fear. To the left of the title it has a small picture of the smoke from the calamity. On page four there is a tremendous photograph which leads the eye on to the subtitle 'Hopes of finding survivors among the rubble and metal fade' this article would not be very popular to be read, and that is why your eye is almost pushed into reading it. ...read more.


Also there is no full stop! Does this suggest that there will be more attacks? The initial part of the article is using a similar theme; use of similes; 'the cracks spread in zippers through the walls,' this suggests that America is revealing something, and that they want no one to see it! 'People in the sky' is associated with heaven and that the people in the Trade Center were a little way to heaven. Also the word crumple suggests fragility like paper and how easy it was for someone to do this. 'Bloodiest day' is language of war and 'anti Vietnam' implies that this attack is completely different to the war with Vietnam. There is also reference to American's weapons which makes the reader think that there may be a war. Also the word 'planted' may suggest a bomb, all words associated with war and violence! It also mentions all of the heroism including a description about a man who put on a life jacket to help save lives! It also mentions all of the things which Americans love to do and how they were humiliated! The aim of the writer was that we should feel sorry for the Americans. By writing about additional things which the terrorists caused helps people to be on the Americans side. The viewpoint which I thought the writer was trying to portray was that she is extremely annoyed and values all of the heroism a great deal; ' on a normal day we value heroism because it's uncommon. On Sept11th, we valued heroism because it was common.' The aims of the article is to show the American spirit and to boost morale, by reminding Americans what their true qualities are. Also her aim was to describe the effects of the atrocities on the whole planet. The first difference between the Time magazine and the Independent is the layout of the page; in the independent, the photograph is on the top third of the page. ...read more.


After that, the filming goes to London and a silence in memory of the deaths counted for in New York that day. This is just showing to Britain that we are not holding back and that we are doing our bit. A change of topic and a highjack timetable, on computer, provides a visual location for the people who may not know Americans geography too well. This makes it very clear to the viewer what actually happened and in what stages, it certainly made me understand a lot more about where they flew from and when. The final division of the broadcast is similar to the channel four broadcast where war is mentioned a lot and Jasser Arafat talks a lot about countries on Americas side. Also, which was not shown on the channel four episode, the military options were shown, which may invite a larger audience to watch the newscast. As you have already discovered, there is a huge difference between the two broadcasts of the same day only three hours apart. In both of the showings there were dramatic camera shots, emotive reporting from the eye witnesses to help us relate to the adversity. I think that the pair of programmes did not show too much bias, although the first programme, Channel Four, only seemed to explore the American side of it, whereas what the BBC showed, explained it far more from a British point of view. I have learnt a great deal about media coverage, and how visual and narrative coverage has been portrayed for the observer. Methods such as helping us to understand, and getting our attention or simply getting us to buy the text have all been illustrated in my essay. I also know now there are many different formats the media can be found in, such things as the internet, television, radio and even sms text messaging. By Karl Knight * 11M ...read more.

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