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The Grudge (film ananaylis)

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The Grudge Are the openings of 'Sleepy Hollow' and 'The Grudge' effective openings for Horror films? 'The Grudge' and 'Sleepy hollow' are both films which fall under the genre of horror. The director of the grudge was Sam Raimi but he also received help from Takeshi Shinizu the director from the original Grudge in which they have used the same house in which 'The Grudge' was based in. Sam Raimi has directed many horror movies before such as 'Darkman' and the classical horror 'Evil dead' so this movie was not the first horror movie he had done before. In 'The Grudge' Sarah Michelle Geller plays the role of the main character 'Karen Davis'. Sarah Michelle Geller is more associated with the horror genre especially after her hit TV series 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' which ran for 7 seasons. For People who new Sarah Michelle Geller from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and had not seen the original grudge would build up the superstition of thinking that the plot to the movie would revel her to kill the 'Monster' because she was a monster killer in 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. ...read more.


I think that this is a good way of presenting the opening the credits because it adds coldness and creepiness to the already creepy mood. In 'The Grudge' the way the opening credits where showed where also a very good and effective way to show the credits. By having writing appear and then as it appears it then highlights the 'emotive' word in the sentence make the audience concentrate on that word and makes them ask questions on why have they highlighted that word? Is it significant? For example in an opening sentence the 'emotive' word highlighted is 'curse' which is highlighted in red which symbolises blood and is generally related to horror genre. It starts with a establishing shot of the city as it pans to a man looking out on balcony with the diagetic sound of traffic and people from there it then cuts to a medium close up of a women waking up in bed. It then cuts back to the man looking around and then using a jump cut t goes back to the women lying in bed. From there it cuts back again to the man whilst he looks a bit shifty which represents that there's something wrong with him which is the start of Barthes Ingmar theory and cuts back to the woman at a medium shot who is asking "what's wrong?" ...read more.


So it then cuts to Van Garret jumping out of the coach and then cuts to him rolling and back to the driver and cut back to Van Garret in the corn field. Now there's a tracking shot of van Garret this basically helps us to share this quite scary moment with Van Garret. It then goes to a cut of Van Garrets POV which pans fast to represent the confusion and fear which Van Garret is feeling and allows the audience to feel the same. From there it Cuts to a low angle (LA) shot of the scare crow which makes it look very big and a HA POV of the scare crow which makes Van Garret to appear very small. Van Garret now has a look of relief on his face in which it the cuts to a POV of u as some or the suspected villain who is watching Van Garret and then the diagetic sound of a sword unsheathed and then cut to a ECU of Scarecrow and then the lightning and the blood splatter across the face of the scarecrow and then lightning to end the scene. Both films were classified as a 15 in the U.K although I may agree with this but in some country's these films were classified as 18's. ...read more.

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