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The Hoboken Happenings television show and its accompanying Internet web site.

Extracts from this document...


I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 II. CURRENT MARKETING SITUATION 5 A. Market Overview 5 1. Market Demographics and Need 5 2. Market trends and target market growth 7 B. SWOT 9 1. Strengths 9 2. Weakness 9 3. Opportunities 11 4. Threats 11 C. Competitive and industry analysis 13 D. Product overview 13 E. Keys to success and critical issues 14 III. ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS 17 A. Macroenviromental factors 17 B. Microenvironmental factors 18 IV. MARKETING STRATEGY 19 A. Mission 20 B. Marketing objectives 20 C. Financial objectives 20 D. Target market 21 E. Positioning 21 F. Strategy summary 22 V. MARKETING MIX 24 A. Products, services, and experiences 24 B. Pricing 24 C. Promotion 25 D. Channel 28 E. Service 28 F. Internal Marketing 29 VI. MARKETING RESEARCH 29 VII. FINANCIALS 30 A. Sales/revenue forecast 30 B. Marketing expense budget Error! Bookmark not defined. C. Break-even analysis 34 D. Profit and loss analysis 34 VIII. CONTROLS ERROR! BOOKMARK NOT DEFINED. A. Implementation Error! Bookmark not defined. B. Marketing Organization Error! Bookmark not defined. C. Contingency Planning Error! Bookmark not defined. I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Hoboken Happenings television show and its accompanying Internet web site is being developed to provide insight into the one-mile square city of Hoboken, NJ. It is a community that enjoys all the benefits of a big city while maintaining all the charm and intimacy of a small neighborhood. Hoboken Happenings is a community based cable television service and Internet web site that provides information and entertainment to the local area. The cable show is an outreach to the citizens of Hoboken as well as an arm of the business community. Similarly, an Internet web site is being developed in order to complement the cable program by providing information on upcoming shows, and highlighting segments of previously aired programs. One-on-one discussions and real life interviews will feature local political leaders, television personalities, actors, musicians, professors, artists and educators who will share their experiences and accomplishments. ...read more.


We must proactively monitor the success of each production and continually canvas the industry for alternate solution providers in the event that Chloe Rose Productions are not meeting expectations. * The show has to comply with certain media laws and regulations regarding its contents. If the FCC determines that our programming has violated any codes, we could be fined and/or shut down. If fined, the cost of the fine could be detrimental and put the organization in financial ruin. * Another risk we may encounter, especially, if the success we anticipate materializes. That risk is that of another, larger well-funded organization may want to capitalize on the success of the show and attempt to create and promote a show similar to the one we've designed. * There is also the risk that our analysis and interpretation of the demographics and current Hoboken market is flawed and overly optimistic. IV. MARKETING STRATEGY The show Hoboken Happenings believes that the goal of businesses in Hoboken is to create an environment where customers are exposed to the products and various amenities their great city has to offer by marketing and advertising to customers. Our marketing strategy will reflect this goal as the show establishes its reputation in the city of Hoboken and the greater communities. The show's focus is to highlight as the model 21st century city. The expected primary viewer spends most of their time visiting Hoboken's beautiful waterfront parks, main street, cultural events, wining and dining in Hoboken's finest and hippest restaurants and bars. The show will offer viewers the opportunity to explore Hoboken's milestones, learn where to taste the finest food and wines, and listen to the great stories of its past time. It will provide viewers the excitement of being apart of the mile square city without the big city hassle of NYC. It will also offer businesses the opportunity to capitalize on an audience that is intrigued by Hoboken's rich history, for example the home of "Old Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra and the birthplace of Baseball. ...read more.


The team will also update the web site daily. Marketing Division: The effective marketing of the show and the associated services to the general public will be the responsibility of the Marketing and Sales Division Administration and Finance Division: Standard administrative and financial activities will be the responsibility of the Administration and Finance Division. This will include the handling of all correspondence with customers and local businesses including collection of sales. Account Management: This department will handle client's account and schedule airtime, web advertising etc. They will be attuned to clients needs and facilitate resolutions if the need arises. It will process and oversee customer transactions and ensure customer satisfaction. Legal Services: Legal services will be outsourced. The selected law firm will provide sound, experienced advice that helps solve complex legal issues that may arise. 5.2 Marketing Organization Hoboken Happenings was founded 7 months ago by CEO Carmelo Garcia (the "mayor"). His executive team consists of President Karen Rucker; Emerson Deline, Chief Financial Officer; Ravinder K. Pal, CIO of Technology; Maryian Michail, Chief Marketing Officer; Ceres Martin, Vice-President of Technology; and Marshall Toledo, MIS Director. As growth occurs, Hoboken Happenings will hire a Marketing firm to handle mass cable and online media advertisements. The firm will prepare sales material to support our service and advertisement campaigns. The projected PR Company will ensure quality of operations and distribution for the reputation and image of Hoboken Happenings. 5.3 Contingency Planning Hoboken Happenings has prepared a contingency plan if there is a severe downturn in the local economy. This may be the result of market forces or competitor price reduction in media or advertisement costs. Our incident plan calls for promotion items to be executed on a short-term basis in both Web and Cable outlets. This will allow us the time to secure market share while still maintaining a profit base. Also, should our technological infrastructure be affected by disaster, Hoboken Happenings has confirmed that backup services are in place to safeguard against off-air transmission emergencies. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Advertisements section.

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