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The horror film Scream was released in 1997, the director a Mr Wes Craven was trying to aim the film at young teenagers.

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Scream The horror film Scream was released in 1997, the director a Mr Wes Craven was trying to aim the film at young teenagers. Although the film has blood and guts it also has psychological side to it because in quite a bit of the film when the viewer is watching it the killer will say something like "do you like scary movies?" this indicates that the movie is scary and that this is the killer speaking. In the film, the killer plays with you mind by speaking to the victim on the phone to find out information about her by flirting with her then the victim feels overwhelmed and starts to tell the unknown killer thing about her then the killer will use that information on her to scare her then he knows that he is in control. Usually the telephone is used to call for help or in an emergency but in this situation the phone is used to scare the victim and also to get into the victims mind. ...read more.


Also they must love her very much because when they walk in the house and see all the smoke they don't say what has happened the very first thing they do is shout for Casey and start searching for her and when they cannot find her they phone the police. When her mother picks up the phone to ring the police she can hear her daughter at the other end getting killed the only thing they can do is listen and shout to her because it must be horrible to listen to your daughter being killed so they cannot listen to this but also they cannot put the phone down because they will feel guilty. Casey's parents are helpless because they cannot help her at all. The opening title to the film is very well suited to the film. At the beginning of the title the word "scream" flashes white and red then changes into blue and at the end of they explode. The opening titles make the watcher think of blood and horror, which is the main feature for a movie of this nature. ...read more.


The fist time we see the killer is in the hall as he dashes past but he is just a blur. He is not dressed normally he has a white ghost mask on he is holding a knife he has boots on and a long hooded cloak with black pants. Although the fist time we see him in a close up is at the window when Casey is outside and she peers through the window sees the killers face with a mask on then he smashes through the window and grabs Casey. When we see the killer on screen he does not speak because if he does then the victim might know who the killer is and he might get caught. Also the lighting in the film is very suited to the film as in the beggining the film is very light beacuse this implies happines and this is because the victim is happy. Casey does not know that she is goning to die and the fact that she is getting ready to watch a movie, as the killer rings casey and as he starts to get into her mind the house then becomes much darker and ...read more.

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