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The Hours - Film Review

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The Hours tick by like seconds. Director: Stephen Daldry Starring: Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, John C. Reilly, Ed Harris. Production Company: Paramount Pictures / Miramax Films Running Time: 114 minutes Rating: PG-13 Everywhere we go, we constantly find ourselves furious and dissatisfied with film adaptations that never seem to serve us justice... "The book is just sooooooo much better!". But is it really fair to imprint this impression on all film adaptations of much-loved novels? The answer is NO. From the director of Billy Elliot, Stephen Daldry and his talented team on-and-off camera will prove you wrong. It is insanely difficult for most of us, to even begin to imagine the intolerable pain derived from those who endure immense depression or those who suffer from some form of mental illness. They are locked up in a jail that resembles their mind and are unable to break free. The Hours encapsulates this emotional stress endured by women across different eras to utter perfection. ...read more.


The recurring empty face is a snooze-fest that blocks the audience from entering her state-of-mind. Last but certainly not least, it is not a surprise that the youngest member of the cast, young and adorable Ritchie Brown played by Jack Rovello, angelically lights up the screen, making us "aww" time after time, whilst stealing our vulnerable hearts with his truthfully honest words, and innocent stare. Cuuute. Perhaps one of the most memorable scenes from the film is the opening sequence, which immediately draws attention to Virginia Woolf's irreversible decision, intertwined with a beautifully written voiceover of a note devoted her husband that exercises our minds in preparation for the incoming wave of emotions. The three distraught women and their lives are carefully woven together into a fluid piece of artistic interpretation. But in the end every life must continue, no matter how dull it may be. Tensions crescendo. Fears arise. The once-somber mood is finally uplifted and brightened when a series of fresh, blooming flowers are shot to complete the sequence with an excellent finish. ...read more.


An immaculate motion picture is presented as a result of his skillful work. Philip Glass' exquisitely composed score is one secret and powerful weapon, which successfully accompanies the story, setting a range of moods and expressing atmospheres in a way that dialogue is occasionally unable to do so. The melodic harmonies produced by an enchanting combination of piano and strings are a vital aspect of the film, establishing and developing the characters by pouring their emotions out. This is somewhat rare in a typical Hollywood film. It is truly the flawlessly calibrated finishing touch to the magnificent creation. Every single inch of detail and aspect of the film - from the heart-wrenchingly convincing acting performed by the majority of the cast, to the astounding screenplay and the haunting score - is attacked with intelligence, seriousness and meaningfully precise measures which ultimately produced an original and dazzling masterpiece that is The Hours. It goes without any doubt at all, that the film thoroughly deserves its showering praise and awards. The Hours is a definite must-see film of the year. By Ruth Chong Words: 1,059 ...read more.

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