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"The impact of Elvis Presley on the US society was more the result of TV coverage of his performances than of his music".

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"The impact of Elvis Presley on the US society was more the result of TV coverage of his performances than of his music" The impact of Elvis Presley upon the US society was huge. Everybody was talking about him, whether they were saying good or bad things. Elvis sold huge amounts of records, this is shown in source F, which shows that within a year of him signing a contract with a record producer, he had 4 singles in the top 5 singles of the year. This shows his meteoric rise to fame and his huge fan base, but most of all shows his amazing impact on America over that 1 year. Elvis was very popular among young people, especially teenage girls. His concerts were always sold out and everywhere he went there were screaming, crying girls surrounding him, also, whenever he appeared on a TV show ratings soared, as source C says '(When Elvis appeared) ...read more.


Elvis may have been from the country, but he did not sing country music, and his uniqueness made him stick out and made his music more noticeable and recognisable, this made him very popular and this made a huge impact on America, as if he hadn't been quite so unique, he would not have been as hugely popular and wouldn't of made such a big impact. Another thing that shows Presley's impact on America was his record sales, which were huge; he was very popular, especially among teenagers, this shows his impact was due to his music's popularity. Elvis Presley had a unique voice, according to many he was 'a white man with a black mans voice' this made a huge impact on the highly racist US, causing a stir among older, more traditional people who were still very racist and who did not think he should be allowed to perform. Elvis Presley's impact on the US was also partly to do with his TV appearances, whenever Presley appeared on TV ratings soared, and everybody wanted him on their show, mainly teenagers, who adored Presley tuned into to see him perform. ...read more.


After the war finished, America became very rich and its teenagers, for the very first time, had a disposable income. They could spend their money on anything they liked, including records. Teenagers were the majority of Presley's fans, and they all bought his music, continuously putting him at the number 1 spot on the American billboard charts. Presley was doing very well due to these record-buying teenagers, upping his impact on the US. Elvis also made films, which helped in his impact on the US. His face was everywhere, on posters, on the screen, on TV, this kept him in the spotlight and increased his impact on the US. Overall I believe Television is the main cause of Presley's magnificent impact on the US society, because, although he wouldn't of appeared on TV unless he had released singles, Television was what made people recognise him. For some television was the only way the would ever see Elvis Presley perform. Elvis was constantly on the TV, so he was always in the spotlight making his impact huge. ...read more.

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