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The importance of Magazines

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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 The importance of Magazines: Magazines are a major source of communication and entertainment in Australia today. Any newsagent will have racks showing hundreds of different titles. Magazines cater for special interests and give more recent information than books. They usually have interesting pictures and graphics making them easier to read. Because they are popular, they make good profits for publishers, through sales, advertising and market links. 1.2 Aim of this report The aim of this report is to show how magazines are constructed to sell to their target audience, particularly the ways in which a magazine might interest a particular reader. 2. WHICH MAGAZINES APPEAL TO TEENAGERS? 6 Magazines read by teenagers: Magazine Title Gender Target Price Frequency of Publication New Idea Women, older teenage girls who want a more mature magazine $3.30 Weekly Who Weekly Women, and older teenage girls $3.95 Weekly Marie Claire Teenage girls, Younger women $7.20 Monthly Girlfriend Middle age teenage girls $4.50 Monthly Wheels Teenage boys, and men $7.50 Monthly Motor Males, teenage and adults $7.50 Monthly Dolly Female teenagers $4.80 Monthly TV Hits Teenagers of both genders $5.00 Weekly 3. HOW TO MAGAZINES APPEAL TO TARGET AUDIENCES: 3.1 Definition of Target Audience: Target Audience: The target audience is the group of people the communicator wants to reach with a message. For example, this is the specific group of people which the publishers hope will buy and read the magazine. It is described by the way it fits into these categories: *Gender *Occupation *Age *Education Level *Interests *Income Magazines use these features to target or aim directly at their group: *Title *Language Used *Cover *Types of Articles *Layout and Appearance *Advertising My report will be focusing on the teenage/female target audience of girls age thirteen to seventeen. Suppose we look at the magazine Cosmopolitan. It targets an audience of young women and mature teenage girls, who are sexy and intimate, with a real passion for life. ...read more.


Tips such as these and many, many more are given throughout this story. * Article Entitled:Your body - sorted: This article includes relevant information about all your health and fitness questions. It provides solid and practical advice about your body, such as; what is your metabolism and what can I do to increase or decrease my metabolic rate? How important is breakfast? How long will I have to train for before I get fit and lose weight? Also advice is given on how to get abs of steel and flat tummies. Pilates is also advertised as a solution. Assumingly, I would say that the proportion of Chick magazine used for advertising would be about 47 pages out of about 150, although this is not an exact calculation. This proportion is a good amount, as there is not too little room taken up for advertisements, and there is not too much, there is just an adequate amount, that suits the size and style of Chick magazine. 4.2 The main categories of advertising in this magazine consist of mainly; beauty, fashion, health, fitness, entertainment and accessories. For example four advertisements/ products include; * Ripcurl, billabong, roxy, Purr Girl, mermaid sister and coral reef bikinis: This advertisement matches up with the contents of the magazine due to the fact that Summer is coming up and one of Chick's main articles is the ''Free bikini guide'', also it matches up with the magazine for the reason that Chick is a magazine for teen girls, who love fashion and the latest products, and by displaying bikinis as a main advertisement, the magazine is drawing the target audience's attention. * Vanish 5, Natures Organics and Ten O Six pimple treatment, mud masks and face washes: This advertisement complements the overall contents of Chick Mag by referring back to what Teen Girls think is most important: Looking Good. The magazine deals with issues involving self esteem, improving your self image, as well as this beauty is an essential element of Chick Magazine. ...read more.


Good diets for teenagers should be included, as well as articles that give advice on popular, low budget exercises. Also things including the ways to keep your skin clean and clear, and how to prevent acne/ pimples. * Latest news and current affairs: Articles concerning the world around us, any current affairs, such as terrorist acts etc, as well as information on politics. is very important for teenagers of this day and age, as they too need to be kept up to date on the things that are happening around them, as to help them develop into more mature people. * Real Life stories: Real life stories, such as tragedies that have happened to people, embarrassing moments, etc. These all appeal to teens, and they enjoy reading them as they actually are REAL. * Celebrity Gossip: Articles regarding all the latest goss about celebs and stars * Entertainment: Articles in relation to all the latest DVD's, movie's etc, concerts, and ratings on movies should be included. * Interviews with Celebrities: Interviews with celebs such as bands, actors, dancers etc are very appealing to teens, because they like to see how they have become so successful, and like to be inspired by their successions. * Sports: All about sportstars, Olympic medallist winners, sport reviews and how they got where they are today * Self confidence and self esteem: Articles that help to build self image and self confidence of teens. * Family, Friend, Boyfriend and Relationship articles/ advice: How to deal * Fashion * God related articles: Dealing with God, religion, christians etc * Posters of famous celebrities * It is suggested that these types of advertisements be included: * Fashion * Makeup and Accessories * New Products * Entertainment * Sport * Health, eg healthy foods, healthy fast foods for teenagers, healthy school snacks * Fitness: products to help you get fit * Educational products * Christian related products: For example Godly books, movies, bibles, also advertising youth groups and churches 7. AUTHORSHIP: 16th September Lisa Eyles ...read more.

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