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The main difference between a tabloid newspaper and a broadsheet.

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Media Coursework Cheryl Williams 10t The main difference between a tabloid newspaper and a broadsheet is the size of the paper they are printed on. Each page of a tabloid is A3, whereas each page of a broadsheet is A2. Another difference is that tabloids tend to have more celebrity news, gossip and scandal. Broadsheets tend to have more factual articles and politics. In this essay I will be studying two articles, one from a tabloid, the 'Daily Express' and the other from the broadsheet newspaper 'The Times'. Each article is from Friday, April 19th 2002 and is about when a light aircraft flew into the Pirelli Tower in Milan. The headline of the 'Daily Express' reads: "Five killed as plane flies into packed skyscraper". The use of a verb in the headline makes it more dramatic. Being written in the present tense makes it more dramatic too as it gives the feeling of urgency, that it is happening now. ...read more.


It also dramatises the photographs. There is one photograph, which takes up about a third of the article in 'The Times'. It is a close up of the part of the Pirelli Tower that was hit by the plane. The caption says of the photo: "The gaping hole left in Milan's Pirelli Tower after a single-engined plane crashed into it". The caption from the broadsheet is a lot more informative than the caption in the tabloid. 'The Times' caption isn't attempting to over-dramatise the photograph, it just states the facts of the photo. The point of the 'Daily Express' article is to put the incident across in a dramatic way. The present tense of the writing, the sense of action in the photographs and short ideas in the text are all typical of a tabloid. The broadsheet has a factual photograph, longer ideas in the text, and more political information. The 'Daily Express' article uses simple language. It uses a lot of verbs, for example 'plane smashed' and 'smoke billowed', to panic people. ...read more.


"the Italian prime minister convened an emergency defence and security meeting" "The New York and Frankfurt stock markets dropped sharply" 'The Times' presents the report in a less dramatic way. Focusing instead on the factual events. This way of presenting the information is typical of a broadsheet. The sentences are mostly complex, unlike the 'Daily Express' article, which uses mostly simple sentences. There is only one person interviewed for this article and it is a police officer, who says: "The pilot of the Rockwell had sent out a distress call at 17:50, just before the crash" Interviewing someone like a police officer means that they gat a factual view rather than opinion, and this echoes throughout the article. I think that 'The Times' article reports the article best from the point of view that it gives a clear factual report of the event. However, I think that the language and techniques used in the 'Daily Express' article are much cleverer. They use dramatic language and over-zealous opinions to build tension; it also uses present tense to create a sense of urgency. The over-dramatic style and bulk of photos are typical of a tabloid newspaper. ...read more.

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