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The Manchester Guardian

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ASSIGNMENT 1 MEDIA STUDIES The Manchester Guardian was first founded by John Edward Taylor in 1821, and published on May 5 of that year. The Guardian was published weekly until 1836. In 1855 the abolition of Stamp Duty on newspapers permitted a subsequent reduction in the cover price. The Guardian achieved national and international recognition under the editorship of CP Scott who held the post for 57years. Scott bought the paper in 1907 and pledged that the principles of the paper would be upheld. He also wrote "Comment is free, but fact are sacred... The voice of opponents no less that of friends has a right to be heard" this has been quoted several times since then. The first key development, which I will analyse, is the abolition of the Stamp Duty in 1855. ...read more.


was at hand by raising the cover price and restricting the ownership of the newspaper. The stamp duty was increased by 266 percent between 1789 and 1815. In order to make it harder for the radical newspaper to pay the stamp duty tax there was also an additional security system. Weeklies had to register their paper and place a financial bonds of between �200-�300. The Stamp Duty Tax was now named "Tax on Knowledge, because the lower class people were having to pay such a high price in order to obtain information of worlds events that was readily available to the middle and upper class people. It's true to say that the government's reliance on taxes and securities as a way of containing the radical press worked for some time. They (radical press) ...read more.


The Guardian stood firm and kept the cover price at 50p. The only logical solution to stay at the top is putting money into the company's investment and interest of the paper. With a distinctive and innovative product, development and consistently breaking big stories. During which time the paper increased its circulation, remained commercially successful and achieved critical acclaim, for both quality journalism, and the innovation consistently followed by its competitions. This is obviously what has kept the Guardian at the forefront of the broadsheets for such a long time. One of the Guardians brack through came about when it covered the story of the MP Jonathon Atkins and the sleaze revelations that brought down Neil Hamilton. Not forgetting the wonderful coverage of the New York September 11th tragedy. The Guardian continues as a liberal campaiaing voice of the Middle Classes. Bridgett Brown 16/12/02 1 ...read more.

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