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The multi-format games magazine Edge has clearly been designed for the older gaming generation, by which I mean those over twenty years of age.

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1 E d g e The multi-format games magazine Edge has clearly been designed for the older gaming generation, by which I mean those over twenty years of age. This fact is distinguished as a result of the magazines subject content, but more importantly the relative complexity of its lexical usage. The magazine portrays a professional image through its neat graphological factors, in conjunction with a consistent sense of formality. Lexis Throughout the review Edge uses complex lexical items, such as 'alleviates', 'proficiency' among some very subject specific specialised language. The impact of this technique reflects the comparative formality of the magazine. However, an understanding of these words provides an explanatory view on the magazines ideology in relation to the subject, which is this case, the game Super Mario Sunshine. An example of this is the sentence '...that you're only seriously aware of that ability when you lose it is testament to how well integrated into the mechanic it is, and gaining proficiency with it and the horizontal spraying is a joy'. This sentence additionally reinforces the point of Edge's lexical complexity and intended audience. ...read more.


The often short and precise sentences contained in the magazine, such as 'So lucid and solid too', 'No obvious invisible walls', 'So much negativity' and 'Small flaws, sometimes' present the direct nature of the magazine, contributing to a generally narrative style which involves the reader. The magazine again uses this method of shortened sentences for another case of repetition when giving its views upon the games flaws - 'Or the level tasks loop just that fraction more than you'd like. Or the clipping isn't quite there. Or the game crashes, dead, stop'. By using 'Or' to start every progressive sentence, the aim of this function is reinforced. The magazine then links this repetition to the following paragraph (beginning 'Or bigger issues') demonstrating the usefulness of cohesion in this case. My opinion that the review is in a style more spoken than written is influenced by a few extracts from the text. 'Only once, mind, in so much play time' is a good example. The word 'mind', in this serious context, is quite inappropriate in a text which contains much elevated language and complex grammatical and lexical methods such as cohesion. ...read more.


Alliteration and repetition are bound together in the beginning paragraph, dominantly due to the short nature of the sentences, which intensifies the pronunciation of the letter 's' in beginning the phrase 'six years'. Subsequently, the main example of alliteration is bound within the opening sentence and the beginning of the second - 'So, six years. Six years...'. This simply adds yet another framework feature to an opening paragraph which now appears to carry a lot of implications for the progression of the review. Discourse The element of discourse forms an important part of the structure of the Edge review, of which most key point have been previously mentioned. The paragraphs in Edge are frequently linked together through a method of answering the questions and issues raised by the previous or developing those ideas from the previous. Therefore, the text is continuous and only divided from a graphological perspective. The audience is clearly that of an educated reader, probably in his /hers twenties to thirties. This theory is mainly derived from the amount of specialised lexis within the article and its subsequent basis upon technical aspects of the game. The purpose of the text is to inform the reader, from a non-biased viewpoint about the game, through defining and analysing its strengths and weaknesses. WORD COUNT: 1,203 ...read more.

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