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The music industry has come a long way from when it began. One of the earliest forms of recording sound was invented by a person named Thomas Edison in 1877 which was called 'phonograph'.

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The music industry has come a long way from when it began. One of the earliest forms of recording sound was invented by a person named Thomas Edison in 1877 which was called 'phonograph'. The phonograph initially had a major disadvantage - the records could not be duplicated but this problem was overcome when the gramophone was invented. The gramophone was similar to the phonograph but allowed music to be copied onto flat discs as many times as the user wanted. The gramophone became a conventional part of the 20th century and by 1914 over one third of all British households owned a machine. In 1958 the first stereo records were issued in the UK enabling listeners to experience a more 3 dimensional sound effect. After the years of the Stereo Records, tape records were introduced and soon after CD's came in to provide us with the very best of recorded sound. Since then, new forms of recording music have been coming in such as MD players. The music industry is very competitive and getting to the top requires connections to people already in the industry as well as sheer luck and talent. ...read more.


We also needed to decide upon how we would dress for our photo-shoot. Again, this would depend on the chosen genre. Originally, we were in a group of four; Me, Mandy, Jay and Sophie. We had chosen our genre of punk as neither of us dress punky and thought that it would be a good opportunity to dress up. We looked further into this style and looked at different punk/grunge CD covers, names of albums and the style of clothing. However, our idea failed as Mandy and Sophie changed their mind on the day of the photo shoot and so our group split up to work individually. As I had already done some background work to put towards this project, I carried on with the punk/grunge style but had to ask for a group of 3-5 friends (girls) to take photo's of. The image I was looking to portray was 'rough-and-ready' so I asked most of the girls to dress in dark colours and baggy clothes to create a grunge effect and asked one of them to dress in either stripes or neon-bright colours (punk imagery). ...read more.


Next time, I'd ask more open questions that would allow one to comment on certain areas as this will enable me to get a broader view of people's opinions. Other than that, I don't think I would change anything else. I am happy with the way I worked, the things I have learnt and the final results. In the future, I would like to be part of the Music Industry as a Publicist which involves doing promotional work for the band and this project has given me a great insight to what goes on behind the scenes. These are images of both male and female punk bands. From this we can see that most punk bands tend to use dark and bold colours and images. The font face is usually large and stands out (there is only one exception this case). A few of the covers also use a minimalist effect to grab attention. Black and white images are very effective and the colour black seems to be popular with this particular style. The general punk style is like a modernised version of the 70's. Stripes and dots are popular along with black, red and very bright colours. The style is baggy and comfortable. Footwear is big and heavy. Keran Sharma Media Studies - Music Industry Stantonbury Campus - 52320 ...read more.

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