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The name of my business is THE VENUE. The Venue is a Club for teenagers, Arabic and foreigners to come and 'chill' by using the arranged facilities, including the main attraction, the disco.

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The name of my business is THE VENUE. The Venue is a Club for teenagers, Arabic and foreigners to come and 'chill' by using the arranged facilities, including the main attraction, the disco. This business was selected because Qatar does not offer many clubs available for teenagers of an average financial background. The only discos available are at the Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Ramada, and Intercontinental, Oasis but they are too expensive for teenagers, allowing us to compete with our cheaper prices. QBC the major bowling alley are our competitors but not much of a problem because they are targeting at professional players, a different market segment from our own, hence our products will appeal to the teenagers, and our club will be able to compete effectively against QBC. Business Objectives: 1. The major business objective is to break even at the end of the year, and if possible to produce a profit. 2. To insure that the customers are provided with an efficient service, which provides them with the service they have been promised, and achieve customer and employee satisfaction. Marketing Objectives The market segment being targeted is, teenagers, Arabic, and foreigners within Qatar and of average financial backgrounds or higher. 1. The main marketing objective is to create public awareness of our service, and gain market share for The Venue. 2. Over the years, to become the number one teen club in Doha, by making brand loyalty. Constraints The budget for promoting The Venue is 25 000QR, which is small. Therefore we must make sure that our advertising is short and focused. Also since the media in Qatar is undeveloped, hence very few ways to advertise are available to us. Influences Qatar, a Muslim country has many Islamic influences. Promotions cannot contains naked men/women or vodka, since they would be un-liked by the Muslims community. Qatar also has many expatriates who speak English, whilst the rest speak Arabic. ...read more.


Marketing Analysis Conclusion After analyzing my questionnaire results, I have come up with a conclusion on the possible types of media we can use for advertising. Newspapers wouldn't be such a good idea since they are expensive and not many teenagers read them. Advertising on a news station would be useless since no one listens to them. To advertise on QTV would not be profitable since practically no teenagers watch it, and it is too expensive. To advertise on the Internet wouldn't be any use since many do not view the advertisements, and it is too expensive. The SMS adverts would be a good way to promote media since many teenagers have a mobile, but it is too expensive. This now leaves us by advertising through LED's, Flyers, and Dallah boards as the most favored, we can also use the newspapers Al Rayyah and Peninsula. LED's would be a good way to promote the service because they catch a lot of attention, and are available at practical prices, which is perfect for the burst advertising technique. Flyers are a very cheap way of advertising, and many teenagers found their effectiveness OK or GOOD. Then to promote by Dallah Boards would be profitable because it allows us to burst advertise in a specific area, and time of day. Also, according to our results, almost everyone notices them, and they are available at practical prices. If we advertise at both Al Rayyah and Peninsula, we will be accessing both the major cultures in Qatar, and even though many teenagers do not read newspapers, they still have a large impact in Qatar. I think my primary research (questionnaire) provided reliable results. This is because I asked 25 English and Arab speaking teenagers, who are the two main cultures in Qatar, hence my results were not unbiased. Marketing Strategy I shall now produce two different strategies and then compare them. ...read more.


Now that I have completed the coursework, and successfully carried out the task set, which was to invent a marketing campaign for a new business in Qatar, imagined by us. I think I have successfully carried out this task because I have created a marketing strategy, which uses a wide range of media to advertise the business over a number of weeks, leaving me with only 1690Qr from my 25000Qr budget. Overall Evaluation I think one of the good aspects of my coursework is that the marketing strategy contains a wide range of media we are advertising through, of which two are excellent for BURST advertising, which is what is essential within this small budget. This means that if this were a real campaign for a real business, then more people would become aware of the service because of the powerful impact from the burst advertising. Hence the company shall reap higher profits from more customers coming into the business. One of the bad aspects of my campaign is that I think the sample size for the questionnaire was too small. If I were too take a larger sample size, then I would get more accurate results, and hence by analyzing and applying those results to the campaign, I would create a more successful advertising strategy. If I were to do this coursework again, I would choose a larger sample size, such as 100 people at least. Another bad aspect was that I think the results were biased, since I only asked the questionnaire from one English-speaking school. Even though I asked 25 Arab and English speaking students, the results would still be biased, since the people in this school would have different experiences to the ones in the other schools, hence different interests. If I were to redo this coursework, I would ask the questionnaire from this English-speaking school, and another Arab-speaking school. Overall however I believe that this coursework task has been successfully completed, and I believe if this campaign were to be used in real life, it would prove to be quite successful. ...read more.

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