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The Nitwitz - B.G.K.

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The Nitwitz - B.G.K. Members Nitwitz Tony Leeuwenburgh (better known as Tony Slug) - vocals, guitar Paul Smith - backing vocals, guitar Laurent van Bouvelen - bass Steven Nieuwendijk - drums Other musicians Erik Peters - vocals Marcel Verhoeven - drums Steven Walraven - guitar Theo Brouwer - bass Members BGK Ren´┐Ż van de Meer - vocals Tony Leeuwenburgh - guitar, bass Steven Walraven - guitar Mathijs Houwink - bass Marcel Verhoeven - drums The Nitwitz 1978 - 1982 BGK 1982 - 1988 The Nitwitz 1996 - now Biography With an average age of sixteen The Nitwitz were the youngest of the Amsterdam punk bands. In 1978 the boys were on stage for the first time at the Spinoza-lyceum in Amsterdam-South. In 1980 the band released their first single on their own Vogelspin-label. The Nitwitz were striking because of their fast, happy punk. They were influenced by Australian bands as Saints, Radio Birdman and by Ramones, MC5 and Stooges. Not by any English punk bands. They said their biggest influence was the Dickies. In the press they got less attention. And when they got some, they got negative critics. The English press called them imitators of English bands. New Musical Express about their first single: "Too late for the Pistols, or even Sham 69, they take their lead from the likes of the Rejects and the UK Subs. ...read more.


With the new singer B.G.K. (Althaea Gerard Commando) was formed. Althaea Gerard was the guy who murdered Willem van Orange, a noble guy from the middle centuries. Everyone knows him in Holland. BGK got their inspiration from the American hardcore. The high-Nitwitz tempo gets stilted and their music gets more complicated. Their first gig was in 1982 and their first LP Jonestown Aloha! came out in 1983. The hardcore scene got bigger and bigger. Europe and the US offered the possibilities for touring around. BGK made use of that chance and toured around Europe. They went to Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia and Germany in 1984. The summer that year BGK did 35 appearances in the US along with Reagan Youth, Youth Brigade, Cause for Alarm, Adrenaline O.D. and the Dead Kennedy's. Tony: "They're was no internet. However, everything was one big family. We slept with The Tar Babies and Die Krause. We also slept in the squat of Michel and Robbie from Cause For Alarm. That was the biggest mess I have ever seen. Back then I was a vegetarian (also smart to be one those days) and wanted to make something ready. There was standing a pan on the cooker and I took a look in there. ...read more.


They send one in but never heard anything of Epitaph again. They just released a new album. In March they started touring around Europe and they still are! Discography Singles The Worst Of The Nitwitz (7', 1980) Vogel spin Yeah Dig It! (7', 1980) Vogel spin It Shows In Your Face (7', 1998) Intensive Scare Landmine Heart (7', 1998) 007 Records Rock Roll Jihad (7', 1999, worked together with The Helicopters) Rocket dog Totalitarian Rock roll (7', 2003) Safety Pin Records Albums The Scorched Earth Policy (LP, 1981) Vogel spin Wielding Walt (LP, 1981) Vogel spin Dark Side Of The Spoon (CD, 1999) Get Hip Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep (10', 2003, split with Holy Sheep) Bronco Records Sex, Lies and Gaffe Tape (CD, 2003) Dead Teenager Records Jesus Christ Porno star (10', 2004) Cargo Nibble The Giblet (10', 2004) Pit shark Records Sex, Lies And Duct Tapes (CD, 2005) Rocket dog Compilations Ales Jed Hear Mara Goad Zit (1982) Vogel spin I'm Sure We're Going to Make It (1996) Epitaph Carbon14 (1999) Flattery, Vol. 2 (2001) Fandango Fistful Of Run vol. 9 (2002) Tepee Records The Rocket dog Years (2003) Roulette Records Tribute to the Nomads (2003) Bongo Records Here's Fifty Bucks (2004) BGK Jonestown Aloha! (LP, 1983) Vogel spin White Male Dominance up (7", 1984) Vogel spin Nothing Can Go Wrong! (LP, '85 and '86) Vogel spin, Alternative Tentacles A Dutch Feast (CD, complete discography, 1999) Alternative Tentacles ...read more.

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