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The Presentation of Black Characters in the Film "Ghost".

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Ghost Analysis Ghost, a modern day film about a man trying to solve his murder, was a very interesting film. I have seen this movie many times and never have I thought of it the way that I did today. I noticed a lot of points that could relate to this class. Although Whoopi Goldberg plays a major character in the film there were many scenes in the film that relate to the images that blacks are still to this day imprisoned by. This film portrays black characters in more realistic situations but there are still very subtle things that shows that nothing has changed when it come to black portrayals in film. Whoopi Goldberg's character Oda Mae Brown represents the Magical Black. She is a "good black" because she used her powers to benefit Sam, a white man. She also exhibits characteristics of the mammy but I wouldn't identify her as a mammy. She is not sexualized in any way so that she won't be a threat to Molly. She shows traits of the stereotypical angry black woman. She is the loudest person in this movie. She is shown to be feisty, angry, loud, and has a very different way of talking. She doesn't walk gracefully either. Even though her apartment was a decent size and had decent furniture she still lived in a bad neighborhood. ...read more.


The workers who helped Molly and Sam move in were Hispanic; just another way to show that minorities will always work for white people. Willie, who is presented as the bad guy, was also Hispanic; so either we work for the white man or we work against him. There doesn't seem to be an in between in this film. Willie also lived in a bad neighborhood, wore dirty clothes, and didn't have well groomed hair. He also was characterized as violent, a thief, and lusting after the white woman. He is shown in Molly's apartment watching her undress and it is apparent that he wants her. Willie even though he is Hispanic could represent a modern day free slave. He enjoyed his way of life but still needed the white man to survive. The white characters were afraid of him and he did illegal things to harm whites in this film. This film presents unhealthy images of African Americans as well as all other minorities. Although the characters have lives and identities they are still mainly portrayed as either bad people or always helping white people. Their lives for the duration of this film seem to be about satisfying a white character. Willie works to satisfy Carl and even gets killed in the process. Oda Mae works to satisfy Sam. Minorities are definitely still shown to be imprisoned by images. ...read more.


I also thought that the way the white characters were dressed throughout the movie was interesting. They showed more skin than the black characters which is opposite of what we usually see. Many writers usually try to depict the black characters as promiscuous but in this movie we only see the white characters behave in this manner. Molly and Sam have a sex scene in the beginning, Carl spills coffee on his shirt and takes it off and shows his chest, and Molly throughout the movie wears clothes that show her arms and cleavage. On the other hand, everything that Oda Mae wore showed her fully clothed and showing hardly any skin. This could be saying that black bodies are not beautiful and therefore should be covered up and white bodies should be cherished. This film does not represent progress in African American depiction. Although the characters have identities and lives they still have the same stereotypical characteristics that were present in Gone with the Wind and Birth of a Nation. It is just less explicit in this film. You have to really be paying attention to notice certain things. For one the main black character is a stock character, which was criticized by many black leaders. That and the fact that Oda Mae was a scam artist are the only two things that the viewer will notice without really trying. As I have discussed mostly every other stereotype is present you just have to look for them ?? ?? ?? ?? McNease 4 Chloe McNease AAS: 385 Professor McCall 24 April 2012 ...read more.

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