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The report will give a brief overview of the marketing mix and then analyse and explain the influences and patterns of consumption through individual psychological behavioural concepts.

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Contents Page 1.0 Introduction 2 2.0 Marketing Mix 2.1 Product 2.2 Product Mix 2.3 Branding and Packaging 3 2.4 Price 2.5 Place 2.6 Promotion 3.0 Patterns of consumption 3.1 Routine problem-solving 4 4.0 Psychological Influences 4.1 Motivation 4.2 Personality 5 4.3 Perception 4.3.1 Selective attention 4.3.2 Selective perception 6 4.3.3 Selective retention 4.4 Attitudes 4.4,1 Cognitive attitudes 4.4.2 Affective attitudes 8 5.0 Targeting Group Segmentation 6.0 Summary 9 Appendix 1 Pot Noodle Website 10 1.0 Introduction UK consumers are working longer hours than any other EU country. Working weeks now include Saturdays, Sundays or out of hours due to the increase in hospitality and service industries (Henley, 2000). Changing working patterns and an increase in part-time working, has led to consumers leading busier lifestyles and influenced staggered eating times (Mintel 2003). Instant snack market products like Pot Noodle, support busier lifestyles through convenience. Pot Noodle (part of the Unilever group) is a snack product, which is reputed as a cheap low quality product. Launched in the UK in 1979 Pot Noodle is the 23rd largest food brand in the UK (Unilever Best Foods). Market share is 95% (�105m) of the instant hot snack market (Western Mail, 2004). The report will give a brief overview of the marketing mix and then analyse and explain the influences and patterns of consumption through individual psychological behavioural concepts. These will be inclusive of motivation, perceptions personality and attitudes. ...read more.


We join the couple in a dingy backroom where the man is seen guiltily revelling in the depravity of a Pot Noodle: the slag of all snacks. Other campaign slogans include 'Hurt me, you slag' and 'Sounds dirty and it is" The use of soft porn imagery within the advert reflects the individual basic behavioural need of sex and hunger. The symbolism of sex can be reflected in motivational theory that stimulates and grabs the attention of the selected target market. The advert can be corresponded with the Freudian theory of motivation. This is based on individual libido, broken down into three psyches of the id, ego and super-ego. Freud argued that the id is the human psyche that drives individual motivation to maximise pleasure (Dubois 2000). This psyche has strong traits of the oral stage of development, which seeks immediate gratification and satisfaction. Advertising indicates that Marketers of pot noodle identify this motivation through the association of the male character needing the immediate fulfilment of his need of hunger as he would his libido. 4.2 Personality Groups that have similar personality, traits or characteristics can be segmented for target markets. This can help the marketer to generalise the prediction of the consumer behaviour expected within the group. Understanding group personality enables the marketer to create a message that is relevant and associative to traits, lifestyle or characteristics of the individual. This can influence behaviour or the act of purchase through attitude and lifestyle association for that personality. ...read more.


The Public relation campaign creates positive product awareness through schools, parents and children. Building brand awareness and feedback of the perspectives and beliefs of the product in this age group. 6.0 Summary Pot Noodle is a low cost and low value product. Effective branding and packaging is consistent with a product mix to meet a diversification of consumer needs. The product has a reputation of a cheap low quality product this feature is exaggerated with the semiotic use of soft pornography. Marketers have continuously promoted their product through advertising that associates motivation and perception of the target market. Decision-making is not generally an informed decision for this good type. Problem-solving theory would indicate that Marketers' strategies place emphasis on building awareness and reinforcement of the product to influence patterns of purchase to become habitual. Research has revealed that 50% of consumer purchases are unplanned and made on impulse, which indicates a successful marketing strategy for habitual purchasing. Marketing activities can build beliefs and shape attitudes through the message and information communicated to consumers. Advertisements used are relevant and associative to traits, lifestyle or characteristics of groups that the target market associates with. To influence perception and make consumers act to purchase the product. Pot Noodle won the Campaign of the Year from Marketing Week Effectiveness Awards 2003, for effective and innovative advertising (Mad 2003). Prevalent success is evidenced from the 95% market share of the instant hot snack market. Marketing campaigns have maintained market leadership by building customer loyalty through anticipating and satisfying their customer needs and wants profitably (Golab et al pp164). ...read more.

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