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The representation of men in The Jeremy Kyle show and The Maury Show

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''The representation of men in chat shows, a comparison of The Jeremy Kyle Show and ''Maury'' I am going to look into the presentation of men, focusing mainly on the representations that are portrayed in chat shows. My sources of research are going to be Television shows in particular, but also the Internet and Books. I have chosen two Television shows that I am going to look at closely, these are ''The Jeremy Kyle Show'' and "Maury''. I have decided that this is the best possible way of being able to look at the actions, thoughts and representations of men because of the wide range of information that I will be able to collect. I am expecting to find that men are presented in a negative light compared to women and that they are rude, arrogant and do not care about what is going on within the world around them this is mainly due to the stereotypical view presented within other media. The two chat shows both present men in away that suggests to the audience that men are unreliable, untrustworthy and uncaring. First impressions of men are that they are untidy wearing messy clothing, appearing not to have made an effort, they walk onto the stage as if they have done no wrong doing and hold their heads up high. ...read more.


However Maury does submit the idea of disproval in men who do not take care of their children. These idea's and differences are due to they way the hosts of the shows present the men on the shows. Jeremy Kyle is more involved and likes to voice his opinion of what he thinks is right and wrong, where as Maury lets the guests do the talking. Men are shown as not knowing how to behave within their family situations. They are shown to need extra help with these situations. ''Masculinity has long been and often been represented as the human norm and conventionally masculine qualities''3. Masculinity has many representational conventions; these conventions give an audience the ability to recognize the 'manly' character. Within the 'Jeremy Kyle show' the masculine man is always represented as wrong and in the wrong doing the acts that are presented by the masculine characteristics, this in facts give men a tremendous negative representation, such as, as soon as Brendan comes out onto the shown he is greeted with 'booing', the audience this way allow the guest to know that what he is doing is wrong and that the 'masculine' acts that they portray are not ones that are received well. Within the 'Maury' show, men are shown as doing the wrong however in a different kind of way than the 'Jeremy Kyle Show' the men are always proven wrong and in the end try and fix their wrong doings with right doings however sometimes it is too late. ...read more.


Such stereotypes serve to silence the voice of the working class in the media.' and she also points out that 'It is also possible that the privileged class and corporations who own the media outlets are pursing their own social and political agenda.'6 The audience is in-between as they are shown to carry on the thoughts that are presented to them by the hosts of the shows, which allow them to take away who is right and wrong and how you should behave in the real world. Men within the two shows are not always presented in a good light, with my in depth research I found what I expected to find from my research that men are 'presented in a negative light compared to women and that they are rude, arrogant and do not care about what is going on within the world around them this is mainly due to the stereotypical view presented within other media.' I think this is to do with many of items, such as how the audience is positioned and what the producers of the show want us to understand from the show. However there are some differences in what I thought I would find, I don't think men are always in the wrong and sometimes women are presented within the negative light that men are. This allows the audience to understand that there is some good in men and that it is more about the person you are instead of if you are male or female. ...read more.

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