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The Simpsons Coursework - Media Studies

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The Simpsons Coursework - Media Studies The Simpsons is one of the most popular cartoons ever to be made and is appreciated by all age ranges. What began as short bumpers in The Tracey Ulman Show has become the longest running cartoon ever, recently overtaking The Flintstones. For almost twenty years the Simpsons has entertained the world with its basic slapstick but also its deeper parody and satire. This humour is what makes the Simpsons more than a television programme; it makes it something that is a lot deeper and more complicated with many morals. The different forms of humour used in the Simpsons mean that different age groups can relate to it on different levels. The simplest humour that the programme uses is slapstick. Examples of this are that Homer strangles Bart when he has done something that annoys him and Krusty the Clown throws custard pies at sideshow Bob. The younger audience enjoys watching this as their humour is on this level. The Simpsons is ideal for slapstick because it is not real and so can be funny without harming the actors. ...read more.


It also satirises gender attitudes. An example of this is that the boys in the episode do not want to do ballet. The writers of the Simpson's are trying to show to their audience that although the president and many of the population of America pretend that everything is perfect in their country, it isn't and there are huge numbers of problems that need to be dealt with. They are also trying to show their opinions on the way the President and the other great powers in America deal with things like education, homeless people, the National Health Service and policemen. In an interview George Bush said that the American public should be less like the Simpson's and more like the Walton's a family in a television programme who were perfect. The Simpson's writers fought back and the first show that was transmitted after Bush's remarks contained a scene where Homer and Bart are seen making fun of the former president. Television is a visual medium and the Simpsons make the most of this to make their audience laugh. It is a simple form of humour but can be very effective. ...read more.


They also show that they get distracted by things like doughnuts and let criminals go that they have managed to catch. They criticise teachers and show them as boring people who speak in a monotone. They are also shown as people who don't really know what they are doing especially when they lose the book of answers. The writers' views and the morals that they use help the audience to learn things from watching the programme. One example of this is in an episode where Bart is stealing computer games. The moral of it was that no good will come from stealing and although the main family in the Simpson's is a dysfunctional one, they still care deeply about each other. The theme of family togetherness is carried through many different episodes. All the points in the essay help to show why the Simpson's is so popular and more than just a television programme. It is also well liked because the basic humour in the Simpsons is very funny and hooks the audience. Then on a subliminal and subconscious level it makes the audience learn from the morals. The Simpson's clever writing and witty humour will help the programme to be popular for years to come. ...read more.

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