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The Sound of Musicin Comparison to the First Films.

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The Sound of Music in Comparison to the First Films. The sound of music (1965) film was an exceptional production by the fox studios at the time. It was based on the baroness Maria von Trapp autobiography (the von Trapp family singers) about the exploits if the family and their 1938 escape from the Nazis in Austria. The award winning Julie Andrews of the Mary Poppins (1964) film was the star of this movie too. It got many nominations along the way such as: best director and picture, Robert wise, best sound and screen, Irwin Kost, best supporting actress Peggy wood and many others. Just like most films of the Weimar era of the Nazi, it was based on story telling. Most of the films of the time took a leaf from the model expressed by the great German film directors. Story telling was the most compelling factor to use so as to get the targeted audience at the time. ...read more.


Actors like Levi Riefenstahl always felt relaxed from post phobia of the indoor studio films and thus acted in many mountain films such as The Holy Mountain (1926). similarly, the sense of scenery is greatly visible in the sound of music from the beginning; when Maria is late for her prayers while singing in the mountains, in the middle of the film the children together with Maria go to the mountains still for a picnic and they are happy and joyous learning the fundamentals of singing and the film ends with a another shot while they are making their successful escape to Switzerland through the Alps while the song "climb ev'ry mountain" is playing. The issue of wealth and power is also capitalized on in this movie. It used to be the same ordeal in the olden movies such as, Nosferatu. Ellen gave his wife to Nosferatu so as to conquer him. In the sound of music, the baroness's wish to marry the captain was simply about the wealth and power as evidenced in her chat with Max after their return from Vienna. ...read more.


He encouraged for patriotism among his fellow Austrians through the song "Edelweiss" which is the national flower of the Austrians. He was pressing for a sense of mob mentality and mass culture. This was the same case in Freitz Lang's "M" film. Conclusively, The Sound Of Music (1965) has a great similarity to the production techniques of the early films. Its expressionism ability keeps the minds of the viewers alert and with great expectation of how the ending has to be. The musical sound cuts across all edges very well to mediate between the motion of the pictures and the audience as was always done in the improvement progress of the old movies especially by the German Freitz Lang. It also brings the idea of attracting the audience attention through story telling. The concerns about the government authority and peace for the people, is also represented in the movie. Hence it was an improved modern version to the first films and this made it one of the most successful films of the time. i www.rottentomatoes.com/m/thesoundofmusic- 1019461/cast_crew.php the cast and crew of the sound of music. ...read more.

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