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The Sun News Paper Vs The Daily Telegraph

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G.C.S.E Media Course Work Philip Nunnington The Sun News Paper Vs The Daily Telegraph The story that I decided I would chose, is the story about Jamie Carragher. Jamie plays football for Liverpool in the position of defender. His job is to stop forwards from getting or allowing the other team to run with the ball, which could lead to a goal being scored. Whilst Jamie was running down the left wing Dennis Berkham (an Arsenal forward) came and made a very bad challenge on Jamie. Dennis was red carded and sent off the pitch for this offence. Liverpool were given a free kick, as Jamie stepped up to take the free kick an Arsenal fan threw a coin at Jamie. This hit Jamie on his back. So an, already hot-headed and bad tempered, Jamie Carragher picked up the coin and returned it by throwing the coin back into the crowd, in front of two officials. So the referee (Mike Riley) had no choice but to send Carragher off the pitch. The language used in the Sun Newspaper is very persuasive towards Carragher being out of order by throwing the coin, which he was, but the writer makes the reader have no sympathy. A good example of this is the comment by Roger Milford, a top referee, has been printed "if they paid me �30,000 a week and asked me not to throw things I could live with it. ...read more.


There is two picture of Jamie Carragher receiving a red card and one picture of Jamie Carragher throwing the coin, and one real picture showing the whole story. The picture of Mr. Bird shows an ordinary man pointing to a wound on his head. Mr.Bird's eyes are rolled up looking towards his head. He also seems to have a smile on his face. His look is very cocky. This makes you think what has this innocent man done to deserve this? Mr.Bird seems to be a quite normal bloke that unfortually, supports Arsenal, got hit on his head by the coin thrown by Jamie Carragher. I thick this is what the Sun newspaper is trying to convey to the rest of the football fans, that a footballer i.e. Jamie Carragher, a person that many adults and children look up to, can do this on live television. The second photograph of Mr.Bird showed him looking straight at the readers in a disapproving manner, it looks a bit like a sympathy photograph. By putting this photograph in the Sun newspaper, the newspaper gains sympathy for Mr.Bird. The Sun newspaper wants to appear that they treat their readers and the public in the right way so that the public will feel willing to step forward and ask the Sun newspaper with another story. You may also think how much money was given to Mr. ...read more.


The two newspapers are very different in many ways. The Sun newspaper's style is to get as much as possible out of the story and to make Jamie Carragher look as guilty as possible. This is done because Mr.Bird has released his story to the Sun newspaper for a large amount of money. The Sun newspaper by doing this is hoping that the public will buy their newspapers. This may be due to the fact that, they already have the statement made by Mr.Bird. A good thing though, is they give the reader a visual understanding of the story, but this maybe a bit too much for my liking!!! I think the Newspaper is aimed at people who are okay at reading. There are not many long words or sentences in the article. I think there is not enough information that is accurate. Where as the Daily Telegraph is solely based on the correct information which is not biased and only has one picture. The Daily Telegraph considers both sides of the story but the newspaper is not as easy to read as the Sun newspaper and some readers may struggle with the poor article. Overall I think they both have their good and bad points. The Sun newspaper mainly is for the reader that prefers gossip rather than the true information and likes a visual understanding of the story. Where as the Daily Telegraph reader likes the no biased information and the extent the article approaches. ...read more.

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