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The text I have written is a letter to a writer in the tabloid newspaper

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Commentry The text I have written is a letter to a writer in the tabloid newspaper "The Sun". This text is written in a style aimed at an older reader who is qiute educated with the age varying from 30-50 years of age, or a perosn who has similar opioions on some tabloid newspaper articles as the person I have presented myself as. Unlike my first piece, my second piece entitled "extracts from moments in time" is not opinionated, although the sublect is the same, both pieces are presented very differently with the content, audience and purpose in mind. I chose the topic of how the media intrudes on the lives of celebrities, and both texts explore this subject. The second text is in an autobiography style, which explores the feelings of a celebrity on a personal level. This piece is aimed at people from the age of 18-30, because it involves some issues that I feel some people of that age might be able to relate to. ...read more.


In my opening paragraph I used repitition of the word "respectable" and respect", in doing I have set a topic in the letter from the start, as I repeat this word throughout my peice: "I am a man of a respectable age, with a respectable background and of a respectable name." By introducing the writer as "respectable" I let the reader believe that what is being said in the letter will seem all the more substaniated, and would have an impact on them more. On the topic of "respect" I also include a rhetorical question which enages and involves the reader on another level-activley involving them on what is being said: "But what is respect?" The rhetorical question used also tells the reader, through the writers own answer to the question, what it is that he believes the person in question has done wrong. The writer also acknowledges his own tone towards the reader, which re inforces any dislike shown in the letter, this inclusion also increases the serious tone by adding to the tension in the opening paragraph. ...read more.


I also labelled the star as being "admired" which is again running down the article that the reader wrote about Madonna and arguing against the content of it. I then went on to include a quote taken from the actual article, this gives the writers arguement a well backed up feel to it, therefore running down and putting the arguement effectively. Throughout the letter I have made a number of statements about the reader and the article they wrote: "In you're article you have 3 quotes to back up you're allegations one of which is flimsy and the other contradicts you're heading" By including actual figures I have increased the formality of the arguement, giving the reader no grounds for argueing back. The number three is also mocking the reader and their writing by stressing again the point made earlier in the text that they had "no real evidence to back up such a big claim." I also repeat the word "three" to emphasis how the reader had very little evidence for his writing, I also went on to call his evidence "secondary", the inclusion of this also runs down the reader by making it seem as I called it "flimsy" evidence. ...read more.

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