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The Virgin Suicides - film review.

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Christie Smart Writing Review Movie Review Psyc 101 June 18, 2001 The Virgin Suicides The movie that I watched was The Virgin Suicides. This movie is about five sisters that all commit suicide, four of the sisters committed suicide at the same time. Kirsten Dunst plays the character that I am writing about. The character's name is Lux Lisbon. She is fourteen years old in this movie, making her the second youngest of the five sisters. The movie starts out with the youngest sister, Cecilia committing suicide by jumping out a window. Then the movie follows the four remaining sisters through the school year after their sister's death. ...read more.


Bonnie, the second youngest, hangs herself, and Lux sits in the garage with the door shut and the car running. According to www.mentalhelp.com craving attention from the opposite sex is a sign of depression. Also, talking about committing suicide, attempting to commit suicide, and, committing suicide are also very symptomatic of depressed people. One major thing that causes depression is the loss of a loved one. I think, in Lux's case, this is what caused her to be depressed because she mostly became depressed after her younger sister killed herself. I also think that the over protective behavior of her parents contributed to her depression. ...read more.


This movie also has stunning cinematography and visual effects. The soundtrack to the film is also another thing that makes it good. I think that this movie depicts the life of teenage girls very well and it addresses many issues that young people are faced with today. I think that it also portrays how bad parenting can affect children's lives is a truthful way. The movie also does a good job of showing how unexpected suicide can be and how tragic its effects are. To conclude I think that Lux's character in The virgin Suicides illustrates a depressed teenage girl. I think that it does an excellent job of entertaining and informing about teen suicide and depression. This movie is definitely a must see and is worth renting. ...read more.

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