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The virtual world of internet.

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Argumentation Essay Home Places The Virtual world of Internet The Internet is the largest source of information in the world today. Almost everyone does e-mail nowadays, but there's also chat, message boards, interacting with web sites, online games, even imaginative role-playing. With its web sites and chat rooms, everyone has a means of communicating with people in places all over the face of the earth. One may discover something new about his companion's personality and interests. And his companion may discover something new about him. The Internet has basically changed the principles of social behavior; it has completely changed the definition of appropriate and inappropriate, what is socially good enough and what is not. People have the full freedom to decide who they want to be on the Internet community, therefore, may even project a false personality, and there are no rules to oversee if this is wrong. While socializing online people can act in a way that is socially objectionable in the physical world, and can still remain concealed. ...read more.


Two people who are thousands of miles away can talk online and gossip whatever and whenever they want to. The advantage of this is you find lot of people with the same interests in cyber space more rapidly relatively then in the real world. You choose your own community in cyberspace and neglect the unwanted. A chat room is the perfect example of a cyber community. In a chat environment you have choice of going to the destination of your choice. If you want to talk about religion, you have rooms for religious talk, or if you want to talk to people of different region you have the regional chat rooms. While we visit such rooms we find specific types of people who address our underlying emotions and needs. People start conversation very casually, first by asking "asl?"- Age, sex and location; then they talk about their interests and desire. ...read more.


Cyberspace comes very close to the real world when someone falls in love with someone in cyber world, does cyber sex, chooses his enemies, or debates on various issues with each other. Many people create online groups, which specifically work for different purposes such as research or religion. The activities in these groups are very vast. You may have online companions, groups, and actions that are quite distinct from those you have in the face-to-face world. For some people, the two worlds are worlds apart. This split between online and offline living and the compartmentalizing of one's identifications are not necessarily ghastly things. Hanging out online can be a strong means of setting aside the stresses of one's in person meetings and conversations. Online groups with specialized interests offer you the opportunity to focus on that particular aspect of your identity, with information and support from people that may not be available elsewhere. Dissociation can be an efficient way to manage the complexities of one's lifestyle and identity, especially when social roles are not easily compatible with each other. ...read more.

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