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The walls have eyes.

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The walls have eyes It's 7:30 and I wake up alone in my bed, probably my first and last moment of privacy I'll get throughout the whole day, I wonder. After getting up and getting ready for college and eating my breakfast I get a knock on the door, it's the local council with a survey enquiring who and how many people live in the house, the ages of those people and how many of them are working, I guess this was just another way for them to find out who I am and what exactly it is I do. At 8:00 I leave the house and board a bus to my college, as I get on the bus I notice a video camera watching me, then also ...read more.


my identification card which told the security guards my name and student number which is enough information for them to find out what lesson I have next and what time I would finish college that day, also as I was walking in through the doors a surveillance camera recorded me frame by frame as I walked through the doors I didn't know were the camera was but I could see the frames being played on the security personals monitor, I wondered why they needed to know so much about me as I walked to my lesson. My lesson was a long one and finished at 12:00. After my lesson finished I went to eat lunch with some friend at a restaurant were I paid for the food that we ...read more.


be delivered to my house, if the college checks this up they would know that I ordered a pair of tracks suit bottoms and they would know my waist size and leg length. After I finished in college I got on a bus to go home and once again I watched by the preying eyes of the bus, but before I got home I jumped of the bus to see a friend of mine and then my phone rang and I spoke to a friend of mine this was another way for them to discover my exact geographic location from the use of satellite navigation systems so basically they seem to know were ever I am whatever I am doing, is there such a thing as privacy? DAPPY ADEFISAN ...read more.

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