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The X Files Assignment -

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The X Files Assignment I am about to write will answer the key question, "Why is the T.V. programme The X Files so successful?" The X Files is a science fiction programme featuring two detective FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in an investigation involving supernatural phenomena and extra-terrestrials. The programme's genre is based on science fiction, stories evolved around imaginary, scientific discoveries or unusual changes of the environment or space travel and life on other planets. The programme involves mysteries and crimes which creates tension throughout. Originally, these types of programmes were mainly aimed at men and the majority of viewers were male. But by having a male and a female playing the main roles, an even gender of viewers are gained. The T.V. programme was first broadcast at 9PM on BBC2 roughly eleven years ago. It's first appearance was a pilot copy, a test run and an experimental showing to determine it's popularity with the viewers and their response. This was not shown on a prime channel but at a prime time when most people watch television. As it received a positive feedback, the programme was moved to BBC1, a prime channel that the majority of people tune in to. In doing so, the programme's popularity grew as well as the amount of viewers, both male and female. The last showing of the programme was this year, 2002. In order to answer the question required, I will deconstruct the programme, a process where, in order to find out how the programme was constructed, I must break it down first. By doing this I will be able to see how the different aspects of the programme were produced. ...read more.


This gains more watchers, as it will not only be the believers who will watch the programme. Mulder and Scully have reversed stereotypes. Stereotypes are individual characteristics that separate one person from another. Having reversed stereotypes means that their characters are the opposite. In most films that star both a male and a female, the male tends to be the dominant one of the two. They appear strong and very much in control of both himself and the female. The females are most commonly known as the opposite to the males, they are projected as weak and helpless, requiring the men to keep them controlled. The reason why this is affective with the X Files is because the two main characters relate to the opposite gender. By this I mean that Scully comes across as the one that keeps the investigation stable. She appears sensible and realistic and is frequently keeping Mulder under control. She isn't an emotional character; she doesn't panic or become overly excited, whereas Mulder is. Mulder lets things get out of hand as he becomes alarmed or eager and therefore relies on Scully to put things right again. Like a female, Mulder is quite weak and is not the dominant character of the two. This is another reason why the X Files gains more viewers, especially females, as they want to see a programme where women have better roles and appear stronger than men (as in reality). There is a noticeable love interest between Mulder and Scully but it is only a slight moment in the film when we can see evidence of this. This is when Scully finds two marks on her lower back, identical to those on the victims. ...read more.


We want to see if Mulder uncovers the government conspiracy to see whether they know anything linked with the investigation and what they might be hiding that they don't want Mulder and Scully to know. As many questions are aroused, viewers are left tense, and the only way to relieve their tension and to find out the answers, is to watch the next episode. Conclusion The X Files has proven to be a very successful programme, leaving viewers feel tense means that they are kept interested and therefore carry on watching. The bullet points below sum up all of the aspects that make the X Files a successful programme. * Having both a male and female as the main roles means that an even gender of viewers is gained. * Sharing a love interest between them keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and ensuring that nothing happens until the end of the last series keeps viewers watching till then. * Using music, sound affects, camera angles, lighting and dialog, is an ideal way to speed up tension to make viewers nervous. * Placing the high moments at the beginning, middle and end ensures that viewers won't get bored at certain points in the film. * Questions are created that can only be found out in the next episode so viewers have to keep watching the following programmes in order to find the answers to their questions. * Making the film appear true makes more viewers interested as it becomes more believable. Without featuring these points in a science fiction programme, viewers aren't going to be interested so therefore would not watch it. By including these points, The X Files has become a successful programme for viewers to watch. ...read more.

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