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There are many tabloid and broadsheet newspapers but now however there are online versions of these popular papers. Two examples, one tabloid and one broadsheet, are The Mirror and The Guardian

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Multimedia Essay There are many tabloid and broadsheet newspapers but now however there are online versions of these popular papers. Two examples, one tabloid and one broadsheet, are The Mirror and The Guardian. When newspapers first came out there were no online versions as the Internet was not invented yet, and therefore was a very basic but effective form of communication. Times move on and therefore the online versions were invented, as were the spoken versions for the deaf. It is now a more effective form of communication and attracts millions of people worldwide. The Mirror has a very unique style of writing and presenting the fashionable tabloid. The corporate identity is very colourful sporting a red and white header, which is slightly similar to the rival papers. ...read more.


There is a dramatic increase in pictures on the online version with at least half a dozen colourful pictures, unlike the tabloids two basic pictures. In the online paper there is an extraordinary variety of stories ranging from sport to music and celebrity items to political. The visual impact also sees a substantial improvement with several different fonts and background colours. The Guardian has a very drab, lifeless visual impact but is jam packed with political stories. It is aimed more at the older more mature generation as it takes a more mature approach with a basic black and white bold font. The corporate identity represents this with an unattractive black bold font that leaves little to the imagination. There is however a handful of detailed stories with a limited amount of pictures. ...read more.


The font of The Mirror is extremely colourful unlike the Guardian however both have big, bold font. The Mirror has a lot more pictures with at least a medium sized photo with every story, whereas The Guardian is aimed at a different audience and therefore doesn't carry a picture for the majority of stories on the page. The story types in The Mirror are generally aimed to a younger generation with more entertainment stories and doesn't go as in-depth to the more political and world event. While the Guardian aims towards a more mature generation featuring more political stories. The visual impact is definitely more powerful on The Mirror online with a stronger variety of colour used. In general the online versions of both papers are more colourful than the printed, with The Mirror online having the most powerful visual impact of the two. ?? ?? ?? ?? Abbie Hudson 9T ...read more.

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