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This essay will consist of a broadsheet newspaper article, on a

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Compare and contrast the presentation of the E-Coli outbreak story, as covered in the two newspapers. This essay will consist of a broadsheet newspaper article, on a "food poisoning outbreak," being measured up to tabloid newspaper article, on a "KILLER FOOD BUG", (note both articles are on the same story but have different headlines). There are many general differences between the two newspapers. The main two differences between the two are the language used in the newspapers and the detail used in the actual story. There are other differences in the two newspapers, for example the layouts are different and times in which the articles take to read are different. To me, the main variation between the broadsheet newspaper and the tabloid newspaper is the language used. This is due to the broadsheet newspaper being a more local news and the details, where as the tabloid newspaper is a sensationalist newspaper that would play on peoples emotions, this newspaper would report on stories all over the world. ...read more.


The second largest difference is the detail that is used by the two newspapers. The broadsheet newspaper used a lot more detail then that of the tabloid newspapers. Where the tabloid newspaper reports "Five people have died," the broadsheet newspaper would say "Four elderly people died yesterday in a food poisoning outbreak that has already claimed one life". As you can see the broadsheet newspaper has used a greater amount of detail that the tabloid newspaper did when reporting on the deaths. Not only has the broadsheet newspaper used more detail in reporting the incident, but also, the broadsheet newspaper obtains more expert opinions and interviews and reports on a wider range of those involved. For example, where the tabloid newspaper only used the opinion of one person, a public health consultant, the broadsheet newspaper used the opinions of more people, they obtained accounts of a public health consultant (the same consultant as used by the tabloid newspaper) ...read more.


In the layout of the tabloid newspaper there are pictures of the people involved, this is different to the broadsheet newspaper as the pictures used in this layout are for advertisement only. The rest of the space is then used for the writing and reporting of the articles, you then find that there is a lot more space left for the broadsheet newspaper article, in which you find that the article in the tabloid newspaper is not time consuming and gives you a customary account of what happened by not going into a lot of detail of the story, "FIVE people have died in Britain's worst food poisoning epidemics." Overall there are many differences between the two newspapers. To me the fundamental difference between the two newspapers is the language used, as the language used leads on and affects the styles and layout of the whole newspaper. ...read more.

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