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This House believes dumbing down of television Is harming children.

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This House believes dumbing down of television Is harming children. It is my belief that television has overstepped its boundaries. It is my belief that children are becoming desensitised towards violence. It is my belief that this is to stop. What if I was to tell you that there are, today, half as many art programmes as there were in 1992? What if I was to tell you that current affairs programmes have fallen by more than a third? The truth is that all television executives want to do is make money, they do not want to provide a service, and they do not want to make the world a better place. And the reason that these programmes do not make money is the change of our children's cultures. ...read more.


You all know what impressionable young children are capable of. It has happened recently; a trio of gangsters, barely twenty, gunned down two innocent girls at a New Year party as a result of gang warfare. These people have to get their ideals somewhere, and if they are not in a strong family they will look to other mediums for guidance, like television, like videogames, and they will think the things are idols do are alright. Let me tell you this is not the case! Just recently there has been a story running in Coronation Street of a murderer and a drug dealer, and in the final episode two people were graphically murdered with a crowbar! And this was at seven thirty, well before the watershed. We are in the year of the couch potato. ...read more.


Wrong! Television has pushed its limits; certainly there have been some events worthy of recognition, but in the main the programmes shown are demolishing our morals, they are making us complacent about the world around us. Not many people could argue Jerry Springer has a positive impact on our nation's youth. If we were to believe everything television told us then we would all be certain that bombing Iraq is the right thing to do. The remaining factual programmes are often biased and do not show the big picture, e.g. what about the refugees, what about the children, are they part of Saddam's regime? There are people who believe, as I do, that television could be beneficial for us; Tess Alps, deputy chairman of the media agency writes, "I believe that the recent dumbing down of programmes and relaxation of censorship is wrong. Television could be successful, and informative but Television chiefs just don't want to see it." I agree. Craig Brown 10h ...read more.

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