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Thorpe Park marketing strategies

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Thorpe Park marketing strategies To: Tom Brown Managing Director From: Jamie Meikle Date: 24/7/04 Marketing Director Terms of ref erence I am writing this report to inform you about certain primary and secondary research I have done involving Thorpe Park. With this research I hope I can boost the parks annual turnover, customer satisfaction and popularity. In this report I will demonstrate how I have become of these results and how we can develop them. Research I have been able to do this by overviewing the Internet and looking in the magazines and newspapers that include Thorpe Park and any of its marketing structure for both primary and secondary results. Here is the primary and secondary research I have done Primary research- investigating Thorpe Parks marketing structure I have carried out research on some of the most important segments of marketing, which the parks marketing staff have undertaken into consideration before now. I have overviewed the television and sky advertising which I must say are very effective. The leaflets and flyers that Thorpe Park produces and which can be acquired in the park also how it encourages entering customers to make a return visit to the park at a later date. ...read more.


The rides in the park are well thought out and are absorbed in to the local theme and surrounding like colossus in the lost city area they blend together nicely this help set a smooth obedient surrounding. The eating area serves very succulent food and some delicious drinks, as this is very good at keeping guests happy throughout the day and this can encourage repeat business. The parks marketing strategy that I have overviewed has overall exceeded my exceptions- The television advertising has encouraged me to come to the park several this and it ahs greatly influenced my friends in wanting to come for a day out in the park. The strap line 'twisted pleasure, gives the park a rather intense public understanding which can attract teenagers and young adults in the ages between 13-25 to the park I haven't found many billboards or posters advertising Thorpe Park this is there marketing weakness. I have seen the strap line in many Top Street and teen magazines, which show that their target market is being reached. Their Internet site has truly stated that they are in the lead, the layout is excellent and their background and font has all been included in the age range and market segment that we are trying to reach. ...read more.


6.One small point I have to say about the web site is that I found it hard to find a park map and there is no link suggesting where it is, so I recommend that is change sooner rather than later. 7.This is a major point which I need to say is that the emergency vehicle EG. Fire truck and ambulance access route need improving, as it's difficult for a vehicle of that size to easily move around to a specific site in the park. I recommend that the roads and paths are large enough for these vehicles to move around freely or a underground access routes are made to inshore public safety is met at all times. 8.I recommend that we keep a advertising promotion on all season along but adjust every month or so as these could then be used a flyers and used to advertise and promote a visit thus saving costs and achieving a greater section of the target market I hope you can see these recommendations as major improvements for the park rather hassles; I look forward to hearing your thoughts towards them at in the near future. Jamie Meikle Marketing director. ...read more.

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