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To analyse the main differences between Broadsheet newspapers and Tabloid newspapers I chose four newspapers on the same day, two Broadsheet newspapers and two Tabloids.

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A Comparison Between 'Quality' and 'Popular' Newspapers in the UK 1. Introduction 1.1 Newspapers in the United Kingdom are generally divided into two main styles. There are quality newspapers, often called 'Broadsheets', and popular newspapers, often called 'Tabloids', according to their page size. Tabloid newspapers are smaller and easier to hold than broadsheets. Broadsheet newspapers are larger, more serious papers that you have to fold to read. I will explain the main differences between these two kinds of newspaper in this report. 1.2 Methodology * To analyse the main differences between Broadsheet newspapers and Tabloid newspapers I chose four newspapers on the same day, two Broadsheet newspapers and two Tabloids. These were 'The Times' and 'The Guardian' to represent the Broadsheet market and 'The Sun' and 'The Mirror' to represent the Tabloid market. * There newspapers have been analysed in terms of: a) Front page and Article b) Picture c) Headline d) Structure e) News Stories f) Layout g) Target audience 1.3 Background * These four newspapers were chosen because they represent a spread of political persuasion. ...read more.


If there is another picture, it will often be very small, so that the main picture looks larger by comparison. * Pictures in broadsheets will be rather briefer to take out unfitting information, and headlines will be used to ensure that reader get the main meaning. 2.3 Headlines * Type size will be used to differentiate between the main headline, and the main text of the article. Readers will be led easily into the story. * The front page is given over to a banner headline referring to the story and urging readers to turn to the relevant pages inside * In tabloids, puns and jokes can be made in headlines. * In broadsheets, all the headlines must be serious ones. 2.4 Structure * In both tabloid and broadsheet newspapers, stories will usually fit into a square or rectangle, and continued if necessary on another page. * A tabloid front page uses all these methods to make life easy for the reader. ...read more.


. 2.6 Layout * Tabloids use bold layout: colour on the masthead, very bold typeface, easy to read, with large, dramatic pictures. * Broadsheets use plainer layout: smaller typeface suggests readers will make more effort to read it, and accurate, possibly smaller, pictures. 2.7 Target audience * Broadsheets: Aimed at higher social groupings. For serious news such as political and economic news, international news, discussion of important social issues, and information about the arts read a broadsheet. * Tabloids: Aimed at lower social groupings. For gossip and scandal about celebrities (extraordinary people involved in ordinary things like getting married/divorced) and for human interest stories (ordinary people involved in extraordinary things like crimes, adventures, accidents and winning lots of money), read a tabloid. 3 Conclusions In this report the differences between broadsheet newspapers and tabloid newspapers have been analysed. These two kinds of newspapers have lots differences such as front page, article, picture display, headline, structure, news stories, layout, target audience and so on. Broadsheets is a quality newspaper, it is more formal ones. Tabloid is a popular newspaper, it is more entertaining ones. ...read more.

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