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To what extent do new media technologies deliver new experiences for audiences?

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To what extent do new media technologies deliver new experiences for audiences? Media technologies are changing everyday and now offer us more than ever before. These changes are apparent in all aspects of media from the internet to MiniDisc and the ways in which they are all merging together. I am going to look at some of these media changes and at convergence. Firstly I am going to look at the internet. The latest development of the internet is broadband. Broadband is the method of sending and receiving data over high speed networks, it is a far faster way of connecting to the internet using your computer than is possible through a conventional dial up method. The benefits of broadband to the customer are its speed, its permanent connection to the net, its flat rate and its dedicated connection. There are four different ways of connecting to broadband, ADSL, cable, wireless and satellite. Satellite is the only one of the four which can be used all over the UK, the others are all specific to telephone exchange companies. ...read more.


When I conducted a survey about digital music, I found that MP3 was the favourite way of obtaining and listening to music. The main reason for this was that it is easy to access and, in most cases, free. An MP3 player has memory enough to store between 400 and 800 tracks, depending on the manufacturer. This is much more convenient than carrying 20 or so CD's and is definitely a lot lighter. This gives us an experience of portability which we could not have had previously. Recently, there has been a major change in the mobile phone industry. The arrival of 3G, also known as UMTS is changing the ways in which we use our mobiles. 3G is a technology that allows fast access to the internet on a mobile phone, allowing users to access e-mail, videos, and the web. There are many services that will be available to us with 3G, for example, mobile phone users should be able to play games online, bet online, get news, weather reports, book restaurants, theatres and get travel directions. ...read more.


This means that we can enjoy a diversity of listening with stations to suit every taste. The improved sound quality means that there will be no hissing or crackling. There are also no frequency numbers to remember, just flick through the channel names until you find the one that you want. The LCD display can often let you know the song title and artist, or even what song is coming up next. Unlike FM radio where the frequency of national stations changes across the country, all DAB channels never move, making it simpler and more convenient. And, more than all this, it's free! The experiences being offered to us by new media technologies are changing every day. We are moving in to an age of convergence, where, one day, all our media needs will be satisfied by one piece of equipment. The change has already begun slowly with products such as TiVo, the Nokia Ngage and the PSX. Although these are only incorporating two or three media technologies, the wheels are now in motion for a super machine which will give us new experiences like we've never imagined. ...read more.

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