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"To what extent does the film, Terminator 2, conform to the conventions of the science fiction genre?" Science fiction is a complex genre, one with a diversity of conventions

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Media Unit: Science Fiction- Terminator 2 Essay "To what extent does the film, Terminator 2, conform to the conventions of the science fiction genre?" Science fiction is a complex genre, one with a diversity of conventions. Consequently, providing a definition is tricky. Science fiction films deal with science in an imaginary manner. This genre can be regarded as an attempt to satisfy the viewers' inquisitiveness about the unexplained; what will the future be like? What will it behold? What is out of the universe? This has been referred to as a quest for understanding the 'what if...?' factor. In this is essay, my objective is to analyze the film, Terminator 2, and to discuss whether it be conventional to the conventions of the science fiction genre. To begin, I will provide background information on the film. The film, 'Terminator' is part of a trilogy; Terminator 2 is the sequel to the first terminator film- Terminator 1. The auteur, James Cameron, produced the first terminator movie in 1984; and because the film was a big success with a range of viewers- the majority of different genre lovers- , James Cameron had decided to create a sequel, which was produced in 1993. ...read more.


These films often have a disaster and end in a war. Science out of control teaches us that taking science too far will lead to consequences and in some cases very bad ones. If we refer back to the book, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the scientist goes too far and brings out a disaster by failing to consider the consequences. War, romance, and comedy are sub-genes but are usually recognized as the aspects of the film. The sub-genre that is connected to this film is dystopia. This sub genre explains why the film will end with apocalyptic idea- the humanity in the world will be destroyed. Another sub- genre associated with the film is science out of control. This is because the Sky net scientist - Dyson- believes he is working to help humanity when he constructs the androids, however as a direct consequence of his work, the machines would be able to pretense a threat to humanity all over the world. Concluding, that billions and billions of people will die in the future- apocalypse. Romance, war, friendship, and comedy are all important as the three main sciece fiction genres because they impress the audience and give the life like factor to the film. ...read more.


All of these do appear in the movie apart from fantastic worlds and invasion and visitation. However, there are some sub- genres, which are not expected to be in a science fiction big screen. They are friendship, romance, comedy, and war. These sub- genres give the edge and life of the film; they make the film seem realistic. In a traditional sci-fi film, usually there would not be issues of gender and race appearing in the film. Yet, in T2, these issues do appear. These issues revolve around two questions. Gender: How are woman presented in the film? Ace: How are black people represented in the film? Overall, I think that the movie, Terminator 2, does not conform to the conventions of the science fiction gene. This is because the conventions are not as traditional as they are thought to be. What I mean is that before the film had been viewed, I had expected it to be set on a mise en scene of a sciece fiction film, i.e. a distant planet or a far way planet that is yet to be discovered. In addition, the movie seems too more realistic, even though in the essay I mentioned an overview of the elements that make Terminator 2 a typical sci-fi movie. ?? ?? ?? ?? Gayathri Krishnarajah 10.0 Media Unit ...read more.

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