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To what extent in your experience do British Comedy films rely on stereotypes?

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To What Extent In Your Experience Do British Comedy Films Tend To Rely On Stereotypes? British Comedy films, to some extent, do rely on stereotypes. But there are also other aspects that British Comedy films rely on, such as storylines and British culture. Firstly, stereotypes are something British Comedy films rely on majorly. For example, in the Inbetweeners movie, the young people?s personalities are over exaggerated. This is done so that all of the characters? traits and stereotypes can be easily recognised. This is shown in the scene at the beginning of the film, when Mr Gilbert, the head of sixth, is lecturing the students on leaving school. Mr Gilbert is the typical teacher who hates his job, and this is emphasised by him insulting the students and swearing, something an ordinary teacher would not do. ...read more.


This is typical of British comedies because there is always a loud, embarrassing parent figure, as proved by the stereotype being repeated in the film ?Bend It Like Beckham?. Jules is underwear shopping with her Mother and she clearly doesn?t want to know, and her Mother begins loudly discussing Jules? underwear size etc. This shows that British Comedy, to some extent, relies on stereotypes. Although British Comedy does rely somewhat on stereotypes, there are also other aspects that it relies on just as much, such as storylines. Storylines can be typically British, such as in The Full Monty, where some jobless men become male strippers and hide it from their wives. This is typically British because the men are no longer the bread winners in their household, and because of the British reserve and tradition, men have always ...read more.


Another topic British comedies rely on is the British reserve. For example, in the film Carry On Up The Khyber, they are all sat around a table eating dinner. As explosions and loud bangs can be heard outside, they all keep straight faces apart from one who panics to extremes. This shows the British ability to ignore embarrassing or awkward things that are really obvious, and they have noticed because they?re so obvious, which creates comedy. Overall, I think stereotypes are something that British Comedy relies on to a large extent. If there weren?t stereotyped British characters, half of the comedy would be lost due to not being able to mock certain people. Storylines and reserve are also integral to British comedy films, but without stereotypes, they wouldn?t be emphasised so much. ...read more.

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