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Tomb Raider

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Tomb Raider The extract is taken from Tomb Raider: The cradle of life. Lara Croft is back and on another mission to save the world. She must find Pandora's Box from a temple located under water. Lara secured the artefact then it is stolen by a Criminal organisation intent on using it to create a deadly weapon. The extract starts off with a long-view shot which sets the scene. The camera pans around so you can clearly see where the actors are and where this is all happening. It looks like it is set in a temple of some sort. The temple would of been made from CGI. There is fire on the walls which creates lots of shadows giving the temple a mysterious feel. The temple is only lit up by fire which hangs on the wall, this creates a more serious tone to the film also it suggests that something bad is going to happen soon. It creates a tension building atmosphere. ...read more.


This shot was a close-up showing her emotions. She looked upset as she just saw her friends get killed. This is a shot clip but she soon continues what she has come to do. The men see Lara Croft and quickly get out their spears; the music is deep and sinister so we know something bad is going to happen. They shoot their spears and you hear it pierce her leg in a digetic sound. The digetic sound makes the spear seem a lot worse than it was and it sounded really painful and you can almost feel the pain Lara Croft felt. Lara Croft drops the ball and it falls down. She then does a stunt and swings down from the platform she is on. She is the hero who seems to be able to avoid getting hurt and do its like she is super human doing all these stunts. As Lara Croft moves quicker the music gets faster and faster building up tension. ...read more.


One of the last shots we see is an underwater shot of Lara Croft. She has fallen from the rope she was swinging down and landed in the water. In the background there is a bright beam of white light shinning through the water which could symbolize that there is hope for her. The ball will get back to her and she will save the day. Although she is in trouble this white light is saying that the hero can make it and everything will end in a happy way. In the extract there are only straight shots because it is a fast moving extract which builds up tension and suspense and gets the audience's hearts beating as everything happens to fast. One min Lara Croft has the ball and everything is good and then her friends die and then she looses the ball to the villain and gets injured so there is lot in this small bit of the film. It really plays on the audiences emotions because you want Lara Croft to succeeded because she is the Hero so you are backing her up but just when you think everything is safe and she has won something bad will happen. ...read more.

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