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Trailer analysis - Mission Impossible 2.

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Media Coursework, Introduction I am to investigate one or two trailers, and analyse the information shown to me, and how it is shown. A trailer is a preview to a film, like a blurb in the back of a book. It aims to entice the viewer into watching the film. A successful trailer is a matter of opinion, but personally I like fast action trailers with a voice over that reveals a sneak peek at what the film is about. I also like trailers with special effects too. Most action film trailer structures are like this, but some with or without voiceovers or special effects, and I would like to see trailers with no music or voice over....this creates an eerie atmosphere that I would like in horror films. I will ask the following questions about the trailers.... *Does it have a voice over? , Its function? *Does it have music? What atmosphere does it create? *What genre is it? *What are the characters like? *What colours are shown? What scene is set from this? *How fast is the trailer? What special effects are used? ...read more.


Now this was done all the way through the trailer. The music in the trailer was only at the start, it built up suspense and then a funny portion of the trailer happen which made it humorous and well timed. The genre of the film was easy to locate and it was a comedy film. The characters are very varied and yet the same.....Mike Myers plays as Austin Powers, Fat Bastard, Dr. Evil, and Goldmember. While Beyonce Knowles plays as Foxy Cleopatra. Michael Caine plays as Austin's father. The colours in the trailer are bright and very exotic.....they are blues, reds, yellows and greens. These colours are to represent the 60s as Austin Powers the character comes from that era. The trailer in general is quite light and slow. This is because to movie is quite laid back and relaxing. There are no special effects used in the trailer as i feel the movie is quite low budget. My opinion of the film is that the film is quite laid back and it probably has no structure at all as it has a storyline that is non-existent. ...read more.


Conclusion I conclude that every trailer's appearance, colour, speed, and sound is effected by its genre. Action movies tend to be fast paced and the sound is loud and is also fast paced, colours in action trailers are usually reds, greens and black. Comedy films tend to have mild paced speed and the music is low and very slow, also it may have weird sounds. Horror films are slow at the beginning and speeds up to flashes, this behaviour continues in the music, the type of music is also classical most of the time, the colours in horror trailers are mostly dark like blacks and greys. 'Chick Flicks' are usually mild in speed and now mostly have pop songs as a backing track; colours in these films are pastels and whites. Romance films are slow, just like the music and the colours are lavished in reds and pinks. Thus each type of film has its own set perimeters and most films follow them appropriately; however there are films that avoid the set rules. All the trailers above obey the set rules by the type of the film. Anthony Swanborough Media Coursework 1/3 Anthony Swanborough Media Coursework 1/3 ...read more.

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