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Trailer Commentary

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Trailer Commentary There are many codes and conventions of a trailer. These help the trailer to be successful. They are also known as the "ingredients" of a trailer. I have researched these so called ingredients to help me create an effective storyboard for my trailer of the movie "Monster's Inc.". The code and conventions include shots. Shot help to enhance the trailer in many ways. Such as if your use very long shots (V.L.S) its give the audience the feeling that they know what is going on in the trailer. And say if you were to use big close-up shots (B.C.L) the viewer will be able to see all the emotion and features of the character used in that particular shot. Pace is also very important. If the pace of the trailer was very fast if would build up a lot of tension for the spectators. A fast pace would normally be used for an action scene or movie trailer. A slow paced trailer would likely to be used in a romantic movie or horror movie. ...read more.


A selling point is where a trailer uses famous actors/actresses or directors to boost the movie into being a very successful film. So if your preferred actor/actress or directors in the movie, it is very possible for you to go and watch the movie, based on its selling point. This has helped directors ever so much in the past, so it is very effective to be used in a trailer. As much as important the selling point is, it is also crucial to have the production information in a trailer. This is so that the audience can tell who the movie is by. Hence if it is your favourite, such as a 'Disney' movie or 'Universal Pictures' movie, you would most likely go and watch it. Another code and convention you much have in a trailer is the genre. If your favourite type of movie is a thriller and by watching a trailer it gives you're the impression that it is the genre you prefer then you would go watch it. ...read more.


is also made by the creators of the movie 'Toy Story' which was a big hit. Also as a selling point I have used the production information right at the beginning which is the 'Walt Disney Pictures' and 'Pixar' logos. I have informed the viewers that this movie is a comedy where in shot number ten Mike, a character in the movie, says 'that thing is a killing machine' which little children would laugh at. I have based the entire trailer on the story line of the movie without giving away the ending which hopefully will keep my audience on their feet, and aching to see the full movie. My trailer will be seen at the cinema and on the television at home, on children's channels. This is so that it informs my target consumers that a new movie is coming out. It will be seen on children's channels also because the rating is P.G and has no explicit images or language in the trailer. I know that this trailer will be a success because I have used a wide range and variety of code and conventions of a trailer to help create a thriving promo. ...read more.

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