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TV – The Blessing or Curse of the Modern Age?

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TV - The Blessing or Curse of the Modern Age? There are many different arguments and opinions surrounding this statement - it all depends on your point of view. For example, some people agree that the advantages of having a television in the home greatly outweigh the disadvantages - for instance, many people would have no idea what was going on in the world around them without the aid of the TV. Others, however, may argue that these people are simply 'couch potatoes' - and it is hard to ignore the increasing concern over the number of people, especially children, who are favouring television over exercise or reading. ...read more.


In contrast, a wider selection of channels means that everyone in the household is able to watch something they are interested in on the TV. Another concern felt by many relates to the noticeable decrease in conversation between families who own a TV. As a result, these families find it harder to speak to each other in different situations; bonds are strained and they find that they know increasingly less and less about each other's individual lives. On the other hand, the television can be a cause for social gatherings; families and/or groups of friends may get together purposefully to watch a special event or a particular programme. ...read more.


Unquestionably, TV plays a big part in most children's lives. Television companies take advantage of children's almost religious viewing to advertise the latest toys and products, especially at Christmas. Consequently, parents are inundated with requests from their children to buy these items, which can be a problem if the particular toy is unattainable or unsuitable for the child. In conclusion, I think that television is a blessing, simply because it brings enjoyment to so many, and keeps people up-dated with the world around them. Although it does have some drawbacks, the overall view of most people is that TV is the greatest invention since the introduction of radio technology, and it should remain popular for years to come. J Corcoran 10a TV - Curse or Blessing of the Modern Age? ...read more.

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