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Urban Music And Gun Crime

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Urban Music And Gun Crime In the modern world today crime is at an all time high. Gangs are now becoming more like organizations and ruling parts of cities. Some people, mostly politicians blame this on the music that is about today. On New Years Eve 2003 two young girls were killed by gun shot. They got caught up in a shoot out between two gangs. Politicians and ministers were quick to point the finger at today's music for influencing gun crime. The minister for tourism said, 'The hateful lyrics almost connote a culture were killing is a fashion accessory". Weather the music is to blame is another matter, maybe the governments use music to cover up its own mistakes. Gun crime has risen rapidly in this country it has got to the stage of nearly twenty two fire arm offences being committed every day. ...read more.


She says that people in power are afraid of garage scene and that why they constantly try to shut them down. She also condemned other people in the music business like Ashley Walters of so solid crew, for going to jail for possession of a gun. People have now even written slogans, defending the music and saying it is not to blame for influencing gun crime. For example the national rifle association's slogan, 'Guns don't kill people, People kill people". Other claims suggest though that the music is to blame. They are saying that music influenced people before and it is doing it again now. For example when the sex pistols were about they encouraged fans to spit on each other. Now people are saying this is the same sort of thing with songs going on about guns, just on a bigger scale. ...read more.


Not all rappers are black, for example Eminem. He argued that gun crime is because of urban deprivation and not because of the music. He says that more rap music brought in Swindon than in Hackley. Nobody is talking about the gun crime in white suburban Britain. He then goes on to say young teenagers and the music today, they are just expressing themselves. Not causing or promoting gun crime. Ben Bowling of Kings College in London who is studying the effects of gun culture, claimed rap was hugely misunderstood. He said some rap artists like Ms Dynamite and other bands sang out against violence and drug culture. But mps still think that the only what to stop gun crime all together is for communities is to reject it altogether including anything promotes it, including music. Andrew Deeley Key Skills - Urban Music & Gun Crime Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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