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Using my chosen films, City Of God and Monsters, I am able to look at theories such as, the classical narrative structure, Todorovs narrative structure and Levi Strauss binary opposition theory.

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How conventional is the narrative structure of your chosen texts? [30] When looking at narrative, we can look at many theories and apply them to the film genre, using my chosen texts, 'City Of God' and 'Monsters', I am able to look at theories such as, the classical narrative structure, Todorov's narrative structure and Levi Strauss' binary opposition theory. At the most basic level, narrative can be seen as the sequencing of information of events into a logical and cohesive structure within time and space. It has been argued that the underlying structure of all narrative is basically the same, with variation only taking place in terms of character and settings. The classical narrative structure is the way that most movies are made in Hollywood. It's the most common structure of story telling in mainstream films. and it is based on a three-act format that organizes the story, in part one we are introduced to the main characters within the story, their goals, and the obstacles that they are likely to face to achieve their object, in part two (the development), plot complications are added to the story, and an increasing sense of urgency is created, in part three (the ...read more.


Todorov reduces the concept of narrative to a simple recurring formula Equilibrium Disequilibrium New Equilibrium. A narrative starts with a state of equilibrium or harmony, a firm sense of order is established, into this comes the disequilibrium or disruption, which destroys the sense of order, by some mechanism, the force of evil is overcome and order and harmony in the form of a new equilibrium is restored. in 'City of God', there is a slight sense of todorov's theory, we first meet Lil Z, Rocket and other main characters on the beach playing, with such problems presented from the neighborhood and other people from the community, the disequilibrium is present all the time as the story is almost set in a way that goes from generation to generation, the new equilibrium shows that the neighborhood is much of the same. However if we look closely at only Rockets story which is set inside of the narrative then we can see a very close line that goes with Todorov's theory. Rocket is first presented as a child, his goal is to become a photographer and move away from The City Of God, he is then presented with his disequilibrium, the challenge of ...read more.


These objects progress the narrative however do not complete it. This is much the same within 'Monsters' we see bad vs good, women vs men and alien vs Human. These are very important within the plot but need something more to complete the narrative structure. Many other narrative techniques are used within both films. Flashbacks are very important, 'Monsters' begins with a scene which presents the ending of the film, this scene is very important to the understanding of the completion of the movie and without this scene the film would not complete its meaning. In 'City Of God', Rocket reconstructs the events we see in a series of flashbacks. He is remembering things that have taken place; many of the events are things that he may not of actually seen or been involved with. these include intimate moments such as Bene and Angelica making love. Non-Diegetic devices such as newspaper headlines, Rocket's photographs and Nock out Neds TV interview are used within 'City of God' to progress the narrative and also make it seem more realistic and believable. 'Monsters' also use some of these techniques such as the use of news papers and television to make the monsters more real and also use them to push on the narrative structure. Maddison Deeley-Nobbs. Maddison Deeley-Nobbs. ...read more.

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