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Using specific features from "The Springfield Files" and "Homer Bad man", discuss what makes "The Simpsons" so popular.

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English GCSE Media Coursework Using specific features from "The Springfield Files" and "Homer Bad man", discuss what makes "The Simpsons" so popular. "The Simpsons" is undoubtedly one of the most successful animated series in television as result to Matt Groening that has produced this hysterical show. It was first screened in 1990 and has been on television ever since. He has concluded this extravagant show by using 250,000 frames in each episode for us viewers to enjoy including to be shown in our prime-time. This involves being suitable for both adults and children. That is why it is one of the most popular show on television. "The Simpsons" have also been originated from a comic strip called "Life in Hell", Matt Groening has achieved acclaim from this melodramatic show. Much of "The Simpsons" popularity is due to the fact that it follows the conventions of a cartoon and by doing so appears to a wide target audience by giving them traditional methods of normal cartoons that are shown usually in children's programmes, but instead it twists the plot by giving a plot that does not change. ...read more.


The structure of episodes makes it even more like a sitcom by using normal everyday life. Matt Groening is very clever and uses errors and interruptions and reasons why things working, for the ending to be a happy ending as the lesson has been learnt by "The Simpsons" family. Humour is the main reason why "The Simpsons" has achieved such widespread popularity. By focussing on "Homer Badman" we can see why "The Simpsons" is so appealing to both adults and children by the humour that has been used to explain each singular character from "The Simpsons" family. Humour is shown differently in the series and episodes of "The Simpsons". One of the ways is satirical humour, in most episodes there is much ridicule, irony or sarcasm involved with the family, especially Homer Simpson, (the dad). Referring to one episode called "Homer Badman", he is the source of humour as sarcasm and exaggeration relates back to him throughout this episode. This concludes to all episodes as they basically mock most things there are on modern television. ...read more.


"The Simpsons" popularity is very much due to it is use of humour, yet some have argued that it does have a harmful influence on young people. This can affect audience as some people find "The Simpsons" humour shocking for audiences to take as role-models. But in this case I do not think it is because it very well describes that our world is "hysterical" this proves that "The Simpsons" tries to make a point and the only way to do this is by adding humour. In my conclusion to all this, I think that "The Simpsons" is very good and overall is a considerable achievement that is why it is so popular. Also sometimes I think that "The Simpsons" goes' over the top with the ideas of being funny about crime and robbery and in this case I think that it displaces the position of it being a role-model in most episodes - not all. However it illustrates a normal basic American life with lots of mischief in it, and that to me is what makes the programme strong and effective to all. ...read more.

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